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Isolation and Biological Activity of Phenylalanine tRNA from the Liver of the To ad (Bufo bufo bufo asiaticus)

Liao Jinmin

Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology,Academia Sinica


A modified method for preparation of the total tRNA from toad liver by phenol ex traction and a method for purification of the tRNA phe by BD-cellulose chromatog raphy are described in this paper.466mg total tRNA can be obtained from 270g of the toad liver.The yield of the total tRNA obtained with our method is 8—11 tim es greater than that with unmodified method.The tRNA phe was purified by two col umns of BD-cellulose.The accepting activity is 1,354 pmoles phenylalanine/A260 t RNA.The presence of Y residue in the toad liver tRNA phc is demonstrated by fluo rescent spectrum.

Received 1900-01-01 Revised 1900-01-01 Online 1984-11-10 
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