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In vitro Culture of Hybrid Embryo Crossed Between Aegilops squarrosa and Wheat,R ye or Triticale

Shuang Zhifu, Wang Zhenfu, Jiang Caixia, Zhang Ruixian, Li Changhua, Li Chunfang

Institute of Crops and Genetics,Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Taiyuan


Aegilops squarrosa (DD) as female parent was crossed with wheat (Triticum aestiu m,AABBDD),emmer(AABB),rye (Secale cereals,RR) or Triticale sp.(AABBRR) respectiv ely.Embryos of different dates after fertilization were taken down,grafted and c ultured in the test tubes under sterilized conditions.Altogether 1090,embryos we re grafted from 101 cross combinations.They differentiated into 31 whole seedlin gs(2.84%),20 rootless seedlings (1.83%),24 para embryo buds (2.2%),66 calli (6.0 5%),and 950 undifferentiated embryos (87.16%).The 31 whole seedlings consist of 21 wheat plants,5 emmer plants,2 rye plants and 3 triticale plants.These experim ents showed that distant hybrids could be obtained from crossing dipoid Aegilops squarrosa as female parent with wheat,rye,or triticale through embryo culture.

Received 1900-01-01 Revised 1900-01-01 Online 1984-11-10 
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