JGG 1984, 11(6): 466-471 DOI:   ISSN: 1673-8527 CN: 11-5450/R           

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Pachytene Analysis on Chinese Dong Xiang Wild Rice and Its Affinity with Cultiva ted Rice

Chu Qiren, Zhang Zhenhua

Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences


Chinese Dong Xiang wild rice is perennial,rhizomatous and its growth habits are classified into erect and spreading type.Genic differentiation was found in the wild population.Analysis on the morphological characters of Dong Xiang wild rice suggests that this wild rice be the ecogeographic race of Oryza sativa var.spon tanea.Cytological observation on the root tips confirms that the chromosome numb er of it is 2n=24.Chromosomal behavior of PMC at meiosis is normal.Pachytene ana lysis revealed that this wild rice possess 3 median,8 submedian and 1 subtelocen tric chromosomes.Chromosome VIII attaches the nuclear body.The absolute length o f chromosome comple-ment ranges from 64.4 to 18.7μ.Pollen fertility and chromos ome pairing are normal when it crossed with cultivated varieties.Genome of it ma y be AA.

Received 1900-01-01 Revised 1900-01-01 Online 1984-11-10 
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