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Lethal Zygosis Phenomenon in Streptomyces qingfengmyceticus

Zheng Youxia, Zhao Renjun

Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology,Academia Sinica


Plate (or slope) cultures of various derivatives of S.qingfengmyceticus showed s pontaneously developing pocks which appeared frequently during crossing intra- o r inter specifically.Strains which is able to produce pock (Ltz+) or which may b e used as pock producing detector (Ltz-) can be isolated from the center or roun d spores of the pock,respectively. The results reported here indicate that the occurrence of pock is a lethal e vent of Ltz+ to Ltz- strain,and the lethal rate is up to above 99%.The genetic f actor deter-ming this phenomenon possesses an infectious transfer property,and c an be eliminated by treatment with acridine yellow,high temperature preincubatio n or through the course of protoplast regeneration.Therefore we consider that th e pock formation ability in S.qingfengmyceticus may be determined by plasmid gen e (or genes).The possible origin of such plasmid is discussed.

Received 1900-01-01 Revised 1900-01-01 Online 1984-11-10 
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