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Table of Content
2005 Vol.32 Issue9 ,      10 September 2005
RTN4-C Gene Expression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Its Influence on SMMC7721 Cell Growth and Apoptosis
CHEN Yi-Cun;LU Dong-Dong;CAO Xiang-Rong;ZHANG Xi-Ran
 pp.891-897      Abstract   |   PDF 331KB
Expression Pattern and Preliminary Functional Analysis of Human CREB4 Gene
GAO Yong-Juan;CAO Gen-Tao;YIN Gang;WANG Xin;JI Chao-Neng;GU Shao-Hua;NI Xiao-Hua
 pp.898-902      Abstract   |   PDF 225KB
Detection of Germline Mutations in APC Gene by Protein Truncation Test
LIU Xiao-Rong;SHAN Xiang-Nian;Friedl W;Uhlhaas S;LI Jin-Tian;Propping P;WANG Ya-Ping;
 pp.903-908      Abstract   |   PDF 224KB
Endothelial Cell–Specific Expression of Cre Recombinase in Transgenic Mice
LI Wen-Long;CHENG Xuan;TAN Xiao-Hong;ZHANG Ji-Shuai;SUN Yan-Song;CHEN Lin;YANG Xiao
 pp.909-915      Abstract   |   PDF 326KB
Establishment of Transgenic Mouse Line Skin-Specifically Expressing hCTLA4-Ig
WANG Yong;WANG Feng-Chao;WEI Hong;NI Yong;WU Jun;GAO Xiang
 pp.916-922      Abstract   |   PDF 276KB
Methodology of Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci for Discrete Traits Using Maximum Likelihood
YIN Zong-Jun;ZHANG Qin;CHEN Hong-Quan;ZHANG Ji-Gang;DING Xiang-Dong;WANG Chun-Kao
 pp.923-929      Abstract   |   PDF 288KB
Analysis of the Functions of Wheat Resistance-related Genes by a Transient Expression System
Wang Hua-Zhong;Niu Ji-Shan;Chen Pei-Du
 pp.930-936      Abstract   |   PDF 291KB
Microsatellite Marker to Stripe Rust Resistant Gene Yr9 in Wheat Differential Hosts
WENG Dong-Xu;XU Shi-Chang;WAN An-Min;LI Jing-Peng;WU Li-Ren
 pp.937-941      Abstract   |   PDF 185KB
Molecular Evidence of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Replication/Movement Suppressed by the Resistance Gene Bdv2
LIU Xiao-Dong;ZHANG Zeng-Yan;LIU Yan;XIN Zhi-Yong;
 pp.942-947      Abstract   |   PDF 250KB
QTLs Mapping and Genetic Analysis of Tiller Angle in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
YU Chuan-Yuan;LIU Yu-Qiang;JIANG Ling;WANG Chun-Ming;ZHAI Hu-Qu;WAN Jian-Min;
 pp.948-954      Abstract   |   PDF 344KB
The Fine Localization of Rice EUI1 Gene, Which Controls Elongation of the Uppermost Internode
WANG Ren-Xiao;*;LI Pei-Jin;*;CHEN Hong-Qi;WEN Shao-kai;LI Jia-Yang;ZHU Xu-Dong
 pp.955-959      Abstract   |   PDF 217KB
Towards an Expanded Linkage Map and Exploration on Co-dominant Scoring of AFLPs in Maize
HAO Zhuan-Fang;LI Xin-Hai;ZHANG Shi-Huang
 pp.960-968      Abstract   |   PDF 413KB
QTL of Three Agronomically Important Traits and Their Interactions with Environment in a European × Chinese Rapeseed Population
ZHAO Jian-Yi;BECKER Heiko C.;DING Hou-Dong;ZHANG Yao-Feng;ZHANG Dong-Qing;ECKE Wolfgang
 pp.969-978      Abstract   |   PDF 393KB
Identification of Differential Genomic Genes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv and Attenuated Strain H37Ra by Suppression Subtractive Hybridization
XIONG Zhi-Hong;ZHUANG Yu-Hui;LI Guo-Li
 pp.979-985      Abstract   |   PDF 288KB
Isolation and Functional Identification of △5 Desaturase Gene from Mortierella alpina
ZHU Min;LIU Zhi;YU Long-Jiang;ZHU Lu;CHENG Hua
 pp.986-992      Abstract   |   PDF 381KB
Functions of FANCL in Primordial Germ Cell Formation and Fanconi Anemia
ZHAO Qing-Guo;LU Bai-Song;HUANG Pei-Tang
 pp.993-1000      Abstract   |   PDF 276KB
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