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Table of Content
2005 Vol.32 Issue7 ,      10 July 2005
Refinement of the DSAP1 locus and mutation detection for candidate genes
ZHANG Zheng-Hua; NIU Zhen-Min; YUAN Wen-Tao; ZHAO Jing-Jun; JIANG Fa-Xing; ZHANG Jing; CHAI Bao; XIONG Xiao-Yan; XIANG Lei-Hong; WANG Yi; XU Shi-Jie; LIU Wei-Da; ZHENG Zhi-
 pp.667-674      Abstract   |   PDF 368KB
Association Analysis Between Polymorphisms of PON Gene Cluster with Coronary Heart Disease in Chinese
WANG Xiao-Ling;FAN Zhong-Jie;HUANG Jian-Feng;SU Shao-Yong;ZHAO Jian-Gong;GU Dong-Feng
 pp.675-681      Abstract   |   PDF 281KB
Molecular Cloning and Expression of an Isotoxin Gene, α-bungarotoxin, from Bungarus multicinctus
WANG Fang;WANG Yi-Quan
 pp.682-688      Abstract   |   PDF 314KB
Characterization of the β-actin Gene of the Rice Field Eel and Its Phylogeny in Fish
XIA Lai-Xin;Cheng Han-Hua;Guo Yi-Qing;Zhou Rong-Jia
 pp.689-695      Abstract   |   PDF 394KB
Effect of Population Size of Performance Test on Short-term Selection Result of Sire Line
ZHANG Hao;LI Jia-Qi;WANG Chong;LIU Xiao-Hong;CHEN Yao-Sheng
 pp.696-703      Abstract   |   PDF 293KB
Cloning and Analysis of a New NBS-LRR Resistance Gene Family in Rice
WANG Shi-Quan;*;ZHANG De-Chun*;LI Ping;WANG Xu-Dong;LI Shi-Gui;ZHU Li-Huang;ZHAI Wen-Xue
 pp.704-711      Abstract   |   PDF 387KB
QTL Mapping and Interaction Analysis of Genotype×Environment (Fe2+ - concentrations ) for Mesocotyl Length in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)
OUYANG You-Nan;ZHANG Qiu-Ying;ZHANG Ke-Qin;YU Sheng-Miao;ZHUANG Jie-Yun;JIN Qian-Yu;CHEN Shi-Hua
 pp.712-718      Abstract   |   PDF 315KB
Identification of the Genes Related to Resistant to Magnaporthe grisea using Differential Display Technique in Rice
ZHANG Hai-Ying;LIU Yong;LIU Dong-Cheng;WANG Xiu-Zhi;WANG Chao;WANG Ling-Xia;ZHANG Ai-Min;LI Ping
 pp.719-725      Abstract   |   PDF 260KB
Bioinformatic Analysis of the 14-3-3 Gene Family in Rice
JIN Gu-Lei;WANG Xu-Sheng;ZHU Jun
 pp.726-732      Abstract   |   PDF 257KB
Inheritance Analysis and Molecular Marker Selection of Genes for Wheat Spindle Streak Mosaic Resistance
ZHANG Qing-Ping;WANG Xiu-E;WANG Yao-Nan;ZHAO Yan;WANG Hai-Yan;WANG Su-Ling;CHEN Pei-Du
 pp.733-737      Abstract   |   PDF 187KB
Genetic Analysis and Molecular Markers of a Novel Stripe Rust Resistance Gene YrHua in Wheat Originating from Psathyrostachys huashanica Keng
CAO Zhang-Jun;;WANG Xian-Ping;WANG Mei-Nan;CAO Shuang-He;JING Jin-Xue;SHANG Hong-Sheng;LI Zhen-Qi;ZHANG Xiang-Qi
 pp.738-743      Abstract   |   PDF 240KB
Studies on the Cytological Characters of the Interspecific Hybrid F1 among the Cultivated Species in Gossypium and their Genetic Relationship
GAO Yan-Hui;ZHU Shui-Jin;JI Dao-Fan
 pp.744-745      Abstract   |   PDF 379KB
Locating Maize Male Sterility Gene induced by Space Flight by Space Flight Using Microsatellite Marker
Liu Fu-Xia;Cao Mo-Ju;Rong Ting-Zhao;Pan Guang-Tang
 pp.753-757      Abstract   |   PDF 192KB
Expression of Two Plant Agglutinin Genes in Transgenic Tobacco Plants
LIU Zhao-Hua;ZHAN Zhen-Shan;GUO Hong-Nian;JIA Yan-Tao;ZHENG Guang-Yu;TIAN Ying-Chuan
 pp.758-763      Abstract   |   PDF 254KB
Cloning of ACC Oxidase Gene and Inhibition of Endogenous Gene Expression with RNAi in Cauliflower
CHEN Yin-Hua;ZHANG Jun-Hong;OUYANG Bo;LI Han-Xia;YE Zhi-Biao;
 pp.764-769      Abstract   |   PDF 287KB
Molecular Basis of Familial Hypercholesterolemia-like Phenotype Heterogeneity
WANG Lu-Ya;LIN Jie;LIU Shu;CHEN Bao-Sheng
 pp.770-777      Abstract   |   PDF 299KB
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