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Table of Content
2005 Vol.32 Issue3 ,      10 March 2005
The"Kriging"Model of Spatial Genetic Structure in Human Population Genetics
XUE Fu-Zhong;WANG Jie-Zhen;HU Ping;LI Guo-Rong
 pp.219-233      Abstract   |   PDF 695KB
Alterations of MLH1 and Microsatellite Instability in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinomas
LIU Fu-Xing;HUANG Xiao-Ping;XU Xin;CAI Yan;HAN Ya-Ling;WU Ren-Liang;WU Min;ZHAN Qi-Min;WANG Ming-Rong
 pp.234-242      Abstract   |   PDF 358KB
A Method of Haplotype Analysis for Multiple Single-nucleotide Polymorphisms
SU Zhi-Guang;ZHANG Si-Zhong;XIAO Cui-Ying;TONG Yu
 pp.243-247      Abstract   |   PDF 229KB
Mutation Detection of COL1A1 Gene in a Pedigree with Osteogenesis imperfecta
QIN Wei;HE Jun-Xiang;SHI Jin;XING Qing-He;GAO Jian-Jun;QIAN Xue-Qing;LUI Zhuang-Jun;Shu An-Li;HE Lin
 pp.248-252      Abstract   |   PDF 132KB
Screen of Differentially Expressed Genes Between Gastrula Embryos and Tail Bud Embryos in Gynogenetic Gibel Carp (Carassius auratus gibelio)
LIU Jun;SHI Yao-Hua;YIN Jun;GUI Jian-Fang
 pp.253-263      Abstract   |   PDF 439KB
Analysis of Gene Expression Information in the Fat and Muscle Tissues of Pig
PAN Zeng-Xiang;CHEN Jie;HUANG Rui-Hua;XU Dan;XU Yin-Xue;XIE Zhuang;JIANG Zhi-Hua;LIU Hong-Lin;ZHAO Ru-Qian
 pp.264-274      Abstract   |   PDF 401KB
Effect Study of White Locus (I) on Coat Color Inheritance in Chinese Native Pig Breeds
SHI Ke-Rong;WANG Ai-Guo;LI Ning;DENG Xue-Mei
 pp.275-281      Abstract   |   PDF 294KB
Sequences and Their Polymorphisms of Swine MHC-DQB、DRB Proximal Promoter Region
XU Ru-Hai;WANG Kun;SUN Dong-Xiao;DING Xiang-Dong;LIU Pei-Qiong;ZHANG Qin
 pp.282-288      Abstract   |   PDF 344KB
Multivariable Conditional Analysis for Complex Trait and Its Components
WEN Yong-Xian;ZHU Jun
 pp.289-296      Abstract   |   PDF 337KB
Mapping of Seedlessness Gene in Grapes Using SCAR Markers
YANG Ke-Qiang;WANG Yue-Jin;ZHANG Jin-Jin;WANG Xi-Ping;WAN Yi-Zhen;ZHANG Jian-Xia
 pp.297-302      Abstract   |   PDF 251KB
Cloning of △6-Desaturase from Mucor circinelloides and its High Expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
HAO Yan-Ling;WANG Ying;ZHU Ben-Zhong;LUAN Chun-Guang;LUO Yun-Bo
 pp.303-308      Abstract   |   PDF 278KB
Cloning and Characterization of Na+/H+ Antiporter Gene(nhaA) from Pseudomonas sp.cn4902
LIU Guang-Fa;ZENG Huo-Shui;CHEN Qi-Wei;GAO Ya-Hui
 pp.309-314      Abstract   |   PDF 312KB
Comparative Analysis of Internal Repeating Segments in Proteins of Species from the Three Kingdoms of Life
CHEN Hao;ZHU Sheng;CHEN Liang-Biao
 pp.315-321      Abstract   |   PDF 390KB
Gene Rearrangement of Mitochondrial Genome in the Vertebrate
ZHONG Jing;LI Guang;LIU Zhong-Quan;LI Qing-Wei;WANG Yi-Quan
 pp.322-330      Abstract   |   PDF 397KB
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