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Table of Content
2005 Vol.32 Issue12 ,      10 December 2005
The Effect of RAB5A Gene on Rearrangement of Microfilaments in Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells
SHI Zhong-Cheng;YU Yang;LI Yu;FU Song-Bin
 pp.1227-1234      Abstract   |   PDF 357KB
Association Study Between NPY and YWHAH Gene Polymorphisms and Schizophrenia
ANG Hong-Sheng;*;DUAN Shi-Wei;*;XING Qing-He;DU Jing;LI Xing-Wang;XU Yi-Feng;ZHANG Zhi-Zhou;WANG Yu-Jiong;FENG Guo-Yin;HE Lin;
 pp.1235-1240      Abstract   |   PDF 226KB
Generation of Transgenic Mice with Liver-specific Expressing Gene of Human Nuclear Receptor nr5a2
WANG Shui-Liang;YANG Hua;XIE You-Hua;WANG Yuan;LI Jian-Zhong;WANG Long;WANG Zhu-Gang;FU Ji-Liang;
 pp.1241-1247      Abstract   |   PDF 283KB
Construction and Characterization of a Recombinant Pseudorabies Virus Expressing Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus GP5
TIAN Zhi-Jun *;QIU Hua-Ji*;NI Jian-Qiang;ZHOU Yan-Jun;CAI Xue-Hui;ZHOU Guo-Hui;WANG Yun-Feng;TONG Guang-Zhi
 pp.1248-1255      Abstract   |   PDF 348KB
Study on Origin and Genetic Diversity of Mongolian and Chinese Sheep
LUO Yu-Zhu;;CHENG Shu-Ru;Batsuuri Lkhagva;D. Badamdorj;Olivier Hanotte;HAN Jian-Lin;
 pp.1256-1265      Abstract   |   PDF 476KB
Function Analysis of PromoterTrapping System after Inserting Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Genome
JIN Shuang-Xia;ZHANG Xian-Long ;NIE Yi-Chun;GUO Xiao-Ping;SUN Yu-Qiang;HUANG Chao;LIANG Shao-Guang
 pp.1266-1274      Abstract   |   PDF 460KB
Molecular Marker Assisted Selection and Pyramiding of Two QTLs for Fiber Strength in Upland Cotton
GUO Wang-Zhen;ZHANG Tian-Zhen;DING Ye-Zhang;ZHU Yi-Chao;SHEN Xin-Lian;ZHU Xie-Fei
 pp.1275-1285      Abstract   |   PDF 439KB
Effects of Divergent Habitat on Genetic Structure of Population of Excoecaria agallocha, a Mangrove Associate
ZHANG Zhi-Hong;TANG Tian;ZHOU Ren-Chao;WANG Yu-Guo;JIAN Shu-Guang;ZHONG Cai-Rong;SHI Su-Hua;
 pp.1286-1292      Abstract   |   PDF 294KB
Development of Transgenic Oilseed Plants Resistant to
WANG Jing-Xue; XU Pei-Lin; TIAN Ying-Chuan;
 pp.1293-1300      Abstract   |   PDF 356KB
Influence of B Mating-type Factor on Recovery of Nuclear Types from Dikaryons in Lentinula edodes
CHENG Shui-Ming;LIN Fang-Can
 pp.1301-1304      Abstract   |   PDF 159KB
Expression and Immunization Testing of Fusion Protein of Newcastle Disease Virus in Leaf Tissue of Transgenic Rice
YANG Zhen-Quan;LIU Qiao-Quan;YU Hen-Xiu;PAN Zhi-Ming;JIAO Xin-An;
 pp.1305-1311      Abstract   |   PDF 287KB
Nuclear Matrices and Matrix Attachment Regions from Green Alga:Dunaliella salina
WANG Tian-Yun; HOU Wei-Hong; CHAI Yu-Rong; JI Xiang; Wang Jian-Min;XUE Le-Xun
 pp.1312-1318      Abstract   |   PDF 274KB
Molecular Basic of Interaction Between Disease Resistance Gene and Avirulence Gene
HAN De-Jun;CAO Li;CHEN Yao-Feng;LI Zhen-Qi;
 pp.1319-1326      Abstract   |   PDF 324KB
Progress in the Study on Diacylgycerol
MA Hai-Ming;SHI Qi-Shun;LIU Xiao-Chun
 pp.1327-1332      Abstract   |   PDF 270KB
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