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Table of Content
2005 Vol.32 Issue10 ,      10 October 2005
Potential Effect of Inter-genic Action on Peak Bone Mass (PBM) in Chinese Females
DENG Fei-Yan;*;LONG Ji-Rong;*;LEI Shu-Feng;LI Miao-Xin;DENG Hong-Wen;
 pp.1001-1010      Abstract   |   PDF 321KB
A Novel Estrogen Receptor Gene Mutation Detected in Girls with Precocious Puberty
LI Bing;LIU Li;FU Xin;LIU Qi-Cai;TU Hong-Bin;ZHOU Wen-Qu;ZOU Dong-Ting;ZHAO Xiao-Yuan;CHEN Yao-Yong
 pp.1011-1017      Abstract   |   PDF 287KB
Features of Coding and Noncoding Sequences Based on 3-tuple Distributions
FU Qiang;;QIAN Min-Ping;CHEN Liang-Biao;ZHU Yu-Xian;
 pp.1018-1026      Abstract   |   PDF 392KB
A Simple Method to Detect the Heterogeneity of Nucleotide Substitution Processes by Asymmetry in Paired Comparison
HUANG Jiao-Long;CAO Zhi-Qi;ZHANG Ze;ZHU Da-Hai;
 pp.1027-1036      Abstract   |   PDF 467KB
Analysis of Royal Jelly Producing Traits of Italian Honeybee(A. M. Liguatica) with DNA Microsatellite
CHEN Sheng-Lu;LI Jian-Ke;ZHONG Bo-Xiong;SU Song-Kun
 pp.1037-1044      Abstract   |   PDF 301KB
Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) Analysis of the Oral Gland of Lampetra japonica
GAO Qi;PANG Yue;WU Yu;MA Fei;LI Qing-Wei
 pp.1045-1052      Abstract   |   PDF 337KB
Genetic Differentiation of Domestic Goose Breeds in China
WANG Ji-Wen;QIU XIANG-Pin;ZENG Fan-Tong;SHI Xian-Wei;ZHANG Ya-Ping
 pp.1053-1059      Abstract   |   PDF 273KB
Estrogen Receptor as a Candidate Gene for Prolificacy of Small Tail Han Sheep
BI Xiao-Dan; CHU Ming-Xing; JIN Hai-Guo;FANG Li;YE Su-Cheng
 pp.1060-1065      Abstract   |   PDF 250KB
QTL for Yield and Its Components Responded to Elevated CO2 in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
FAN Gui-Zhi;CAI Qing-Sheng;Wang Chun-Ming;Wan Jian-Min;Zhu Jian-Guo
 pp.1066-1073      Abstract   |   PDF 339KB
Study on Early Stability by ISSR Markers in Rice
ZHOU Li-Jun; LI Ai-Xian; WU Xian-Jun; LI Shi-Gui
 pp.1074-1081      Abstract   |   PDF 307KB
Generation of Chemical-inducible Activation Tagging T-DNA Insertion Lines of Arabidopsis thaliana
ZHANG Jian;*;XU Jin-Xiang;*;KONG Ying-Zhen;*;JI Zhen-Dong;*;WANG Xing-Chun;*;AN Feng-Ying;*;LI Chao;*;SUN Jia-Qiang;ZHANG Su-Zhi;YANG Xiao-Hui;
 pp.1082-1088      Abstract   |   PDF 305KB
Genetic Contribution of Agronomic Traits to Yield in Flue-cured Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)
XIAO Bing-Guang;ZHU Jun;LU Xiu-Ping;BAI Yong-Fu;LI Yong-Ping
 pp.1089-1093      Abstract   |   PDF 192KB
Comparative Analysis of Sequences of the 5S rDNA NTS in Wild Close Relatives of Barley from Tibet of China
TAN Rui;MA De-Quan;DING Yi
 pp.1094-1100      Abstract   |   PDF 300KB
CPD Banding Patterns and Identification of 45S rDNA Sites in Tomato
SHE Chao-Wen;LIU Jing-Yu;SONG Yun-Chun
 pp.1101-1107      Abstract   |   PDF 274KB
Progress on Genetic Susceptibility to Ankylosing Spondylitis
CHEN Rui-Wen;WANG Yong;SUN Shu-Han;DUAN Shi-Wei
 pp.1108-1114      Abstract   |   PDF 270KB
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