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Table of Content
2004 Vol.31 Issue9 ,      10 September 2004
The tRNA and rRNA Genes in the Oryza sativa Genome
WANG Xi-Yin;SHI Xiao-Li;HAO Bai-Lin;
 pp.871-878      Abstract   |   PDF 332KB
Purification and Cloning of an Antifungal Protein from the Rice Diseases Controlling Bacterial Strain Paenibacillus polymyxa WY110
YAO Wu-Lan;WANG Yun-Shan;HAN Ji-Guang;LI Lu-Bin;SONG Wei;
 pp.879-887      Abstract   |   PDF 513KB
Assesment of Genetic Diversity of Allelopathic Rice Germplasm Based on RAPD and ISSR
HE Hua-Qin;JIA Xiao-Li;LIANG Yi-Yuan;SHEN Li-Hua;SONG Bi-Qing;GUO Yu-Chun;LIANG Kang-Jing;LIN Wen-Xiong;
 pp.888-894      Abstract   |   PDF 273KB
Cloning, Sequence and Expression Analysis of a Zinc Finger Protein Gene in Wheat
WAN Ping;LING Li-Jun;ZHOU Wen-Juan;ZHANG Wen-Jun;LING Hong-Qing;ZHU Li-Huang;ZHANG Xiang-Qi;
 pp.895-900      Abstract   |   PDF 317KB
The Confirmation of Putative Natural Hybrid Species Meconopsis×cookei G. Taylor (Papaveraceae) Based on Nuclear Ribosomal DNA ITS Region Sequence
YUAN Chang-Chun;LI Pei-Xin;WANG Yan-Fang;SHI Su-Hua;
 pp.901-907      Abstract   |   PDF 318KB
Cloning and Characterization of Two MADS Box Genes from Peach (Prunus persica)
WU Fan;XU Yong;CHANG Feng-Qi;LI Xue-Dong;MA Rong-Cai;
 pp.908-918      Abstract   |   PDF 773KB
Screening of a RAPD Marker Tightly Linked to Co Gene in Apple and the SCAR Marker Conversion
TIAN Yi-Ke;WANG Cai-Hong;DAI Hong-Yi;ZHANG JI-Shu;
 pp.919-925      Abstract   |   PDF 305KB
Study on Gene Expression of Tamarix Unde NaHCO3 Stress Using SSH Technology
YANG Chuang-Ping;WANG Yu-Cheng;LIU Gui-Feng;JIANG Jing
 pp.926-933      Abstract   |   PDF 307KB
Genetic Diversity of Common Wild Rice (Oryza rufipogon Griff) by Using SSR Markers and Phenotyic Traits in Guangxi Province
YU Ping;LI Zi-Chao;ZHANG Hong-Liang;LI Dao-Yuan;WANG Mei-Xing;SUN Jun-Li;WANG Xiang-Kun
 pp.934-940      Abstract   |   PDF 278KB
Significant Associations of the α-Adducin Gene Gly460Trp Polymorphism with Serum Bilirubin Concentrations in Chinese Essential Hypertension Patients
YU Yun-Xian;Scott A. Venners;NIU Tian-Hua;CHEN Chang-Zhong;HUANG Ai-Qun;ZHANG Yan;FENG Yan;LI Dong;XING Hou-Xun;WU Di;PENG Shao-Jie;XU Xi-Ping;
 pp.941-949      Abstract   |   PDF 354KB
Molecular Characterization of Mutations and Phenotype/Genotype Cprrelation in Chinese Patients with 21-hydroxylase Deficiency
ZHANG Bo;LU Zhao-Lin;WANG Yue;TAO Hong
 pp.950-955      Abstract   |   PDF 229KB
Screening of Differential Genes Between Human Embryonic Stem Cell and Differentiated Cell
DU Juan;LIN Ge;LU Guang-Xiu
 pp.956-962      Abstract   |   PDF 273KB
Cloning and Expression of Pituitary Prolactin Gene in Ailuropoda melanoleuca
ZHENG Xu;ZHANG Zhi-He;HU Xi-Lian;LIAO Ming-Juan;ZHANG An-Ju;ZHU Mu-Yuan;
 pp.963-970      Abstract   |   PDF 349KB
Divergence and Systematical Evolution of Three Leuciscus Species in Xinjiang Based on Mitochondrial DNA Control Region Sequences
HU Wen-Ge;DUAN Zi-Yuan;WANG Jin-Fu;SHENG Jin-Liang;MA Run-Lin;
 pp.970-975      Abstract   |   PDF 272KB
The Geetic Evidence for Sympatric Speciation Pattern of Cyprinus from Erhai Lake
ZHENG Bing-Rong;ZHANG Ya-Ping;XIAO Chun-Jie;XIAO Heng;ZAN Rui-Guang;
 pp.976-982      Abstract   |   PDF 298KB
New Progresses on Mitochondrial DNA in Fish
GUO Xin-Hong;LIU Shao-Jun;LIU Qiao;LIU Yun
 pp.983-1000      Abstract   |   PDF 667KB
 pp.1001-1021      Abstract   |   PDF 763KB
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