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Table of Content
2004 Vol.31 Issue5 ,      10 May 2004
Analysis,Identification and Correction of Some Errors of Model Refseqs Appeared in NCBI Human Gene Database by in Silico Cloning and Experimental Verification of Novel Human Genes
ZHANG De-Li;JI Liang;LI Yan-Da
 pp.432-443      Abstract   |   PDF 781KB
Preliminary Analysis of CDK2 Sequence and Its Nuclear Import
LIU Qi;LUO Yang;JIANG Li;ZHOU Wei-Qiang;MAN Xiao-Hui;ZHANG Xue
 pp.444-448      Abstract   |   PDF 226KB
Studying Dystrophin Gene Deletion in the Northeast of China and Applicating
LU Yang;JIN Chun-Lian;LIN Chang-Kun;WU Ying-Yu;LIU Li-Ying;SUN Kai-Lai
 pp.449-453      Abstract   |   PDF 219KB
Significance of Methylation and Abnormal Expression of p16 Gene in Endometrial Carcinoma
YUAN Ji-Rong;FU Song-Bin;FU Hong;LI Pu
 pp.454-459      Abstract   |   PDF 261KB
Interaction of Two Classes of Release Factors from Euplotes octocarinatus
CHAI Bao-Feng;SONG Li;FU Yue-Jun;WANG Wei;LIANG Ai-Hua
 pp.460-467      Abstract   |   PDF 419KB
Cloning of Four Members of Giant Panda Dmrt Genes
SHUI Yi;YU Hong-Shi;XIA Lai-Xin;GUO Yi-Qing;Cheng Han-Hua;ZHOU Rong-Jia
 pp.468-473      Abstract   |   PDF 319KB
Advanced Methods of Preparing Pachytene Bivalents and High Resolution Multiple Bands of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
ZHOU Fei;ZHAO Gang;LIU Jiang-Dong;CHEN Ji;ZHANG Xiao-Yan;YU Qi-Xing
 pp.474-479      Abstract   |   PDF 243KB
Identification and Analysis of a Novel Microsatellite Marker Flanking Porcine Myostatin Gene (MSTN)
JINAG Yun-Liang;LI Ning;ZHAO Xing-Bo;HU Xiao-Xiang;LIU Zhao-Liang;DENG Xue-Mei;WU Chang-Xin;DU Li-Xin;CAO Ji-Sheng
 pp.480-484      Abstract   |   PDF 241KB
Cloning and Primary Analysis of spt1 as a ncRNA Candidate Gene
SUN Qiang;HUANG Hong-Yan;HAN Hua
 pp.485-488      Abstract   |   PDF 208KB
Construction and Identification on Enriched Microsatellite Library from Yak Genome
LI Qi-Fa;ZHAO Xing-Bo;LUO Xiao-Lin;YAO Ping;LI Ning;TIAN Zhi-Hua;WU Cang-Xin;XIE Zhuang
 pp.489-494      Abstract   |   PDF 244KB
The Developmental Changes of GHR and IGF-1R Gene Expressions in Porcine Hypothalamus and Pituitary
XU Jin-Xian;XIA Dong;ZHAO Ru-Qian;XU Qing-Fu;WEI Xi-Hui;CHEN Jie
 pp.495-501      Abstract   |   PDF 315KB
Cloning and Analysis of Six Full-length cDNA Similar to Sheep KAP6-1 from Cashmere Goat
YIN Jun;HU Ting-Mao;LI Jin-Quan;ZHANG Chun-Lan;GUO Zhi-Cheng;ZHOU Huan-Min
 pp.502-507      Abstract   |   PDF 266KB
Cloning and Developmental and Tissue-Specific Expression of Banana (Musa acuminate AAA)Lectin Gene
JIN Zhi-Qiang;ZHANG De-You;XU Bi-Yu
 pp.508-512      Abstract   |   PDF 267KB
Fertility Alteration of Male Sterile Rice Line Annong S-1 and the Expression of Fertility Related aprt Gene
LIANG Chun-Yang;LI Jun;SHU Jing;DENG Qi-Yun;GUO Bao-Tai;WANG Bin
 pp.513-517      Abstract   |   PDF 200KB
Endosperm-specific Expression of the Ferritin Gene in Transgenic Rice (Oryza sativa L.)Results in Increased Iron Content of Milling Rice
LIU Qiao-Quan;YAO Quan-Hong;WANG Hong-Mei;GU Ming-Hong
 pp.518-524      Abstract   |   PDF 311KB
Site-directed Mutagenesis and Promoter Functional Analysis of RM07 DNA Fragment from Halobacterium halobium in Escherichia coli
 pp.525-532      Abstract   |   PDF 362KB
Issues on Association Studies on Complex Diseases
YAN Wei-Li;GU Dong-Feng
 pp.533-537      Abstract   |   PDF 180KB
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