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Table of Content
2004 Vol.31 Issue4 ,      10 April 2004
Correction of Five Different Types of Errors of Model Refseqs Appeared in NCBI Human Gene Database Only by Using Two Novel Human Genes C17orf32 and ZNF362
ZHANG De-Li;LI Yan-Da;JI Liang
 pp.326-334      Abstract   |   PDF 592KB
Comparative Physical Localization of Maize mir1 Gene in Zea mays L.and Coix lacryma-jobi L.
HAN Yong-Hua;WANG Xiao-Lan;LIU Li-Hua;SONG Yun-Chun
 pp.335-339      Abstract   |   PDF 258KB
The Production and Multi-color Genomic in situ Hybridization Identification of Maize-Z.perennis Substituted Material
TANG Qi-Lin;LI Wan-Chen;SONG Yun-Chun;RONG Ting-Zhao;PAN Guang-Tang;HUANG Yu-Bi;CAO Mo-Ju
 pp.340-344      Abstract   |   PDF 239KB
Gene Expression Analysis of Near-lsogenic Lines for Different Heterosis in Maize
WANG Ze-Li;WANG Lu-Xin;ZHANG Yong-Hui;MA Jun-Ye
 pp.345-348      Abstract   |   PDF 174KB
Phylogeny of the Genus Arundinaria Based on Nucleotide Sequences of nrDNA ITS Region
ZHUGE Qiang;DING Yu-Long;XU Chen;ZOU Hui-Yu;HUANG Min-Ren;WANG Ming-Xiu
 pp.349-356      Abstract   |   PDF 311KB
Identification of the Linkage Relationship Between the Flower Colour and the Content of Erucic Acid in the Resynthesized Brassica napus L.
LIU Xue-Ping;TU Jin-Xing;CHEN Bao-Yuan;FU Ting-Dong
 pp.357-362      Abstract   |   PDF 281KB
Induction and Genetic Analysis of Laboratory Mutants of Gibberella zeae Resistance to Carbendazim
YUAN Shan-Kui;ZHOU Ming-Guo
 pp.363-368      Abstract   |   PDF 234KB
Identification of a Protein Interacting with Shigella flexneri IpaC Invasin by Yeast Two-hybrid System
YAN Xiao-Yu;YAO Xiao;WANG Heng-Liang;FENG Er-Ling;SHI Zhao-Xing;SU Guo-Fu;YOU Song;HUANG Liu-Yu
 pp.369-374      Abstract   |   PDF 271KB
Isolation and Characterization of Nuclear Microsatellites from Chamaecypress obtusa Endl.
LI Xin-Guo;TIAN Jin-Ju;TANI Naoki;Yoshihiko Tsumura
 pp.375-379      Abstract   |   PDF 225KB
Expression of XBP-1 in Breast Cancer Cell lines and Its Role in ERa Signaling
DING Li-Hua;YE Qi-Nong;LU Qiu-Jun;ZHU Jian-Hua;YAN Jing-Hua;WANG Zong-Hua;HUANG Cui-Fen
 pp.380-384      Abstract   |   PDF 228KB
Survey on Native Place and Surname of Parents in a Newborn Infant Cord Blood DNA Bank of Han Nation
ZHAO Yi-Ming;ZHAO Wei-Hong;CAI Xiao-Ning;ZHU Ping
 pp.385-388      Abstract   |   PDF 156KB
Screening of Hypermethylated DNA Fragments in Tumor Tissue Derived from Patients with Lung Cancer
LIU Jin-Yi;AN Qian;ZHANG Jian-Jun;LEI Wen-Dong;CHENG Shu-Jun;GAO Yan-Ning
 pp.389-394      Abstract   |   PDF 278KB
Sequence Analysis and Phylogeny of Deer (Cervidae) MtDNA Control Regions
SHI Yan-Feng;SHAN Xiang-Nian;LI Jian;SHI Ting-Yan;ZHENG Ai-Ling
 pp.395-402      Abstract   |   PDF 521KB
Cloning and Analysis of NADP(H)-dependent Retinol Dehydrogenase/Reductase Gene:A Novel Member of Short-chain Dehydrogenase/Reductase
WANG Gui-Ling;HUANG Dong-Yang
 pp.403-410      Abstract   |   PDF 405KB
Compariative Study of Mitochondrial tRNA Gene Sequence and Secondary Structure Among Fifteen Predatory Birds
WANG Xiang;SUN Yi;YUAN Xiao-Dong;TANG Min-Qian;WANG Li;YU Ye-Fei;LI Qing-Wei
 pp.411-419      Abstract   |   PDF 392KB
Progress in Nuclear Receptor Research
WANG Shui-Liang;FU Ji-Liang
 pp.420-429      Abstract   |   PDF 418KB
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