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Table of Content
2004 Vol.31 Issue3 ,      10 March 2004
A Genomewide Scan for the Susceptibility Gene Loci to Ankylosing Spondylitis in Chinese Han Population
GU Ming-Min;YUAN Wen-Tao;YANG Jue-Qin;ZHANG Jing;XIONG Xiao-Yan;YAO Fang-Juan;LU Zhen-Yu;WANG Zhu-Gang;HUANG Wei-FAN Li-An
 pp.217-220      Abstract   |   PDF 189KB
Cloning and Functional Analysis of the Promoter of ZNF268 Gene
PENG Xiao;SUN Yan;LIU Hui;GOU De-Ming;LI Wen-Xin
 pp.221-226      Abstract   |   PDF 316KB
Genotype and Allele Frequency of the Variable Number Tandem Repeat Polymorphism in the VNTR6-1st of the Human Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase (hTERT) Gene in Chinese Population
XING Rui-Yun;ZHOU Xu-Bin;LU Xing;SUN Qi-Yun;YAO Bo;ZHENG Xiao-Fei
 pp.227-230      Abstract   |   PDF 182KB
Differential Expression of Apoptosis-related Gene Induced by Clinical and Laboratory Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strain in Macrophages U937 Revealed by Oligonucleotide Microarray
HU Chang-Hua;XIE Jian-Ping;LI Yao;YUE Jun;XU Yong-Zhong;WANG Hong-Hai
 pp.231-235      Abstract   |   PDF 222KB
The Active Expression of CenpB,a Constitutive Protein in the Centromeres of Chromosomes,in Breast Cancer Tissues
LIANG Qian-Jin;LU Xiang-Feng;CHENG Xiao-Lei;LUO Song;HE Da-Cheng;WANG Yong-Chao
 pp.236-240      Abstract   |   PDF 222KB
Detection of Microsatellite Instability in Primary Gastric Cancer Using Fluorescence-Labelled Primers Multiplex PCR
WANG Qi;LI Xue;ZHANG Yun-Yan;GAO Hui;WANG Zhe;FU Song-Bin
 pp.241-245      Abstract   |   PDF 248KB
Clonging of Compaction-Related Gene Crg1 of Mouse Preimplantation Embryos
LI Wen;LU Guang-Xiu
 pp.246-250      Abstract   |   PDF 258KB
Screening Specifically Expressed ESTs Related to Piglet Diarrhea Resistance
QI Xiao-Hong;ZHANG Qin;LIU Pei-Qiong;SONG Chun-Yun;XU Ru-Hai
 pp.251-256      Abstract   |   PDF 284KB
Gene Differential Expression of Liver Tissues in Crossbred Versus Purebred Chicken and Their Relationship with Heterosis of Meat Trait
WANG Dong;ZHANG Yuan;SUN Dong-Xiao;YU Ying;XU Gui-Yun;LI Jun-Ying
 pp.257-264      Abstract   |   PDF 303KB
Correlation Analysis Between Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of the Leptin Receptor Intron 8 and Fatness Traits in Chickens
WANG Ying;LI Hui;GU Zhi-Liang;ZHAO Jian-Guo;WANG Qi-Gui;WANG Yu-Xiang
 pp.265-269      Abstract   |   PDF 231KB
Identification of RAPD Markers Linked to the Resistance Gene Yr5 Against Wheat Stripe Rust with Denaturing PAGE-Silver Staining
CHEN Xiao-Hong;NIU Yong-Chun;HU Bao-Zhong
 pp.270-274      Abstract   |   PDF 225KB
Genetic Dissection for Leaf Correlative Traits of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Under Drought Stress
GUO Long-Biao;QIAN Qian;ZENG Da-Li;DONG Guo-Jun;TENG Sheng;ZHU Li-Huang
 pp.275-280      Abstract   |   PDF 297KB
Expression Pattern of UidA Gene under the Control of Rice Glutelin GluA-2 Gene Upstream Sequence in Transgenic Rice Endosperm
 pp.281-286      Abstract   |   PDF 303KB
QTL Analysis for Rice Stripe Disease Resistance Gene Using Recombinant Inbred Lines (RILs) Derived from Crossing of Kinmaze and DV85
DING Xiu-Lan;JIANG Ling;LIU Shi-Jia;WANG Chun-Ming;CHEN Liang-Ming;CHENG Zhao-Bang;FAN Yong-Jian;ZHOU Yi-Jun;WAN Jian-Min
 pp.287-293      Abstract   |   PDF 281KB
Preliminary Gene-mapping of Photoperiod-temperature Sensitive Genic Male Sterility in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
CAO Shuang-He;GUO Xiao-Li;LIU Dong-Cheng;ZHANG Xiang-Qi;ZHANG Ai-Min
 pp.293-298      Abstract   |   PDF 269KB
SSR Molecular Markers Related to Wood Density and Fibre Traits in Poplar
HUANG Lie-Jian;SU Xiao-Hua;ZHANG Xiang-Hua;HUANG Qin-Jun
 pp.299-304      Abstract   |   PDF 264KB
The Characteristics of PSCL32.5 Protein from Physarum polycephalum and the Variation of the Content Through Cell Cycle
LIU Shi-De;ZHANG Jian-Hua;XING Miao
 pp.305-310      Abstract   |   PDF 295KB
The Study of Optimal Conditions of Electroporation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
SHAN Zhi-Ying;XU Hai-Jin;SHI Xing-Qi;NIE Zhou;YU Yan;ZHANG Xiu-Ming;BAI Yan-Ling;QIAO Ming-Qiang;GAO Cai-Chang
 pp.311-316      Abstract   |   PDF 286KB
Human Genetics of Physical Performance
 pp.317-324      Abstract   |   PDF 285KB
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