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Table of Content
2004 Vol.31 Issue2 ,      10 February 2004
Association of Homozygous Deletion of p15 and p16 Gene and Amplification of EGFR Gene in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
LI Fu-Cai;LI Ying-Hui;ZHAO Xu;FU Wei-Neng;XU Zhen-Ming;LI Zeng-Gang;SUN Kai-Lai
 pp.109-113      Abstract   |   PDF 241KB
Characterization of Genomic Structure and Mutation Analysis of SMARCA1 Gene in a Smith-Finemaan-Myers syndrome family
LIU Qi-Ji;GONG Yao-Qin;ZHANG Xi-Yu;GAO Gui-Min;GUO Yi-Shou
 pp.114-118      Abstract   |   PDF 216KB
A Novel Oligonucleotide Arrays-Based Multiplex Amplifiable Probe Hybridization Technology
LIU He-Ping;WANG Hong;LU Zu-Hong;LIU Xiao-Ping;XIA Kun;XIA Jia-Hui
 pp.119-124      Abstract   |   PDF 272KB
Analysis of Synaptonemal Complex from a Carrier with 46,XY,t(11;18) Balanced Translocation
LIU Jing-Yu;WANG Xiao-Ran;ZENG Xian-Lu;ZHANG Chuan-Shan;SONG Yun-Chun
 pp.125-131      Abstract   |   PDF 307KB
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci for Meat Quality Trait in a Large White × Meishan Cross
SU Yu-Hong;XIONG Yuan-Zhu;JIANG Si-Wen;ZHANG Qin;LEI Ming-Gang;ZHENG Rong;DENG Chang-Yan
 pp.132-136      Abstract   |   PDF 239KB
Phylogenetic Relationships of the Cypriniformes Tested by mtDNA 12S rRNA Sequence Variations
LIU Huan-Zhang
 pp.137-142      Abstract   |   PDF 331KB
SSR Polymorphism of Alligator sinesis and Conservation Strategy of Genetic Diversity
 pp.143-150      Abstract   |   PDF 348KB
Determination of Transcription Initiation Site of Chicken Ovalbumin Gene and Construction of Its Expression Vector
PANG Yue;YUAN Xiao-Dong;TANG Min-Qian;LI Qing-Wei
 pp.151-158      Abstract   |   PDF 455KB
Genetic Relationships Among Five Populations of Oxya chinensis in Shanxi Province and Adjacent Region Based on RAPD
ZHANG Jian-Zhen;REN Li;GUO Ya-Ping;MA En-Bo
 pp.159-165      Abstract   |   PDF 333KB
Transcriptional Differences Between a Heterokaryon and Its Segregants of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.vasinfectum
YANG Hong;LI Ying;GUAN Guo-Hua;LI Xiu-Yu
 pp.166-170      Abstract   |   PDF 270KB
Cloning and Wxpression Analysis of Carboxy1-terminal Protease cDNA from Gossypium hirsutum L.
JIANG Jian-Xiong;ZHANG Tian-Zhen
 pp.171-176      Abstract   |   PDF 361KB
A SC35-like Protein is Localized in the Nucleus of Physarum polycephalum
 pp.177-182      Abstract   |   PDF 289KB
Transgenic Cotton Plants of Chitinase and Glucanase Genes and Their Performance of Resistance to Verticillium dahliea
WU Jia-He;ZHANG Xiao-Long;LUO Xiao-Li;NIE Yi-Chun;TIAN Ying-Chuan;CHEN Zheng-Hua
 pp.183-188      Abstract   |   PDF 277KB
Obtainment of Transgenic Wheat with the Insecticidal Lectin from Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis agglutinin;GNA) Gene and Analysis of Resistance to Aphid
LIANG Hui;ZHU Yin-Feng;ZHU Zhen;SUN Dong-Fa;JIA Xu
 pp.189-194      Abstract   |   PDF 272KB
Inheritance and Expression of the Maize pepc Gene in Progenies of Transgenic Rice Bred by Crossing
WANG De-Zheng;WANG Shou-Hai;WU Shuang;LI Cheng-Quan;JIAO De-Mao;LUO Yan-Chang;WANG Xiu-Feng;DU Shi-Yun
 pp.195-201      Abstract   |   PDF 323KB
Multiple Nonlinear Statistical Method of Population Genetic Structure Based on the Allelic Polymorphism Data
XUE Fu-Zhong;WANG Jie-Zheng;GUO Yi-Shou;HU Ping;WU Xue-Sen
 pp.202-211      Abstract   |   PDF 385KB
ATM and Telomere Instability
WANG Hong-Mei;XIA Yun-Fei;WU Xin-Yao
 pp.212-216      Abstract   |   PDF 171KB
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