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Table of Content
2004 Vol.31 Issue12 ,      10 December 2004
Expression and Promoter Methylation of Apaf-1 Gene in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
HUANG Dai-Fa;FU Wei-Neng;SHANG Chao;XU Zhen-Ming;LI Zeng-Gang;SUN Kai-Lai;
 pp.1327-1331      Abstract   |   PDF 212KB
Molecular Mutations of rpoB Gene of Multidrug Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis lsolates from China
YUE Jun;ZENG Er-Liang;XIE Jian-Ping;LI Yao;LIANG Li;WANG Hong-Hai;
 pp.1332-1336      Abstract   |   PDF 207KB
The Transgenic Mice Specifically Express Cre Recombinase in Central Nerve System
 pp.1337-1343      Abstract   |   PDF 321KB
Molecular Cloning and Expression of Attacin from Housefiy (Musca domestica)
GENG Hua;AN Chun-Ju;HAO You-Jin;LI De-Sen;DU Rong-Qian
 pp.1344-1350      Abstract   |   PDF 402KB
Analysis of Genetic Relationship of Egg-Type Chickens Using Microsatellite Markers
LI Xian-Yao;QU Lu-Jiang;YANG Ning
 pp.1351-1355      Abstract   |   PDF 183KB
Chromosomal Mapping of Chicken MC4R Using a Radiation Hybrid Panel and the Comparative Analysis of the Gene Homologous Regions Between Chicken and Human Chromosome
QIU Xue-Mei;LI Ning;WU Chang-Xin;WANG Xiu-Li
 pp.1356-1360      Abstract   |   PDF 223KB
Founding and Genetic Analysis of Landrace×Lantang Pig Resource Population for QTL Mapping
LI Jia-Qi;LIU Xiao-Hong;WANG Chong;CHEN Zan-Mou;WU Qiu-Hao;ZHANG Xi-Quan;LIU De-Wu;CHEN Yao-Sheng
 pp.1361-1368      Abstract   |   PDF 273KB
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in Exon Partial Sequence of Sow Kappa Opioid Receptor Gene
LI Jian-Hong;CUI Wei-Guo ;WANG Yu;BAO Jun;
 pp.1369-1374      Abstract   |   PDF 253KB
Genetic Linkage Between Atrn Gene and Microsatellite Markers and the Effects to Some Economic Traits in Pigs
ZENG Zhao-Shun;YANG Shi-Liu;SHI Qi-Shun;WU Xiao-Lin;PENG Ying-Lin;ZUO Jian-Bo
 pp.1375-1380      Abstract   |   PDF 254KB
Analysis of the Transgenic Rice Plants Derived from Transformed Anther Calli
JIANG Su;CHENG Cai-Yan;CHENG Zhu-Kuan;CAI Run;ZHAI Wen-Xue;ZHU Li-Huang
 pp.1381-1387      Abstract   |   PDF 312KB
Generation and Identification of Rice T-DMA Onsertional Mutant Lines
YAN Shuang-Yong;ZHI Qing-Wen;LIU Xin-Jie;ZHANG Hong-Wei;TAN Zhen-Bo;LI Shi-Gui
 pp.1388-1394      Abstract   |   PDF 284KB
Identification of QTLs on Substituted Segments in Single Segment Substitution Lines of Rice
LIU Guan-Ming;LI Wen-Tao;ZENG Rui-Zhen;ZHANG Za-Min;ZHANG Gui-Quan
 pp.1395-1400      Abstract   |   PDF 252KB
Comparative Analyses of QTL for Important Agronomic Traits Between Maize and Rice
YAN Jian-Bing;TANG Hua;HUANG Yi-Qin;ZHENG Yong-Lian;LI Jian-Sheng;
 pp.1401-1407      Abstract   |   PDF 287KB
Proteomic Analysis of the Salt Tolerance Mutant of Wheat Under Salt Stress
HUO Chen-Min;ZHAO Bao-Cun;GE Rong-Chao;SHEN Yin-Zhu;HUANG Zhan-Jing
 pp.1408-1414      Abstract   |   PDF 300KB
Nucleotide Polymorphism in the Drought Induced Transcription Factor CBF4 Region of Arabidopsis thaliana and Its Molecular Evolution Analyses
HAO Gang-Ping;WU Zhong-Yi;CAO Ming-Qing;Georges Pelletier;Dominique Brunel;HUANG Cong-Lin;YANG Qing;
 pp.1415-1426      Abstract   |   PDF 439KB
AFLP Analysis of Cotton with Fusarium and Verticillium Wilts from the Huanghe and Changjiang Valleys
WANG Sheng-Fen;ZHANG Gui-Yin;LI Xi-Huan;LI Rui-Qi;LI Ai-Li;MA Zhi-Ying
 pp.1426-1433      Abstract   |   PDF 343KB
Study on Transformation of Snowdrop Lectin Gene to Chrysanthemum and Aphid Resistance of the Transgenic Plants
WANG Guan-Lin;LIU Yan-Hong;GUO Shao-Hua;WANG Yu;JI Yan;FANG Hong-Jun
 pp.1434-1439      Abstract   |   PDF 217KB
Allozyme Variability of Provenance Populations of Robinia pseudoacacia from Middle Europe
YANG Min-Sheng;Heike Hertel;Volker Schneck
 pp.1440-1447      Abstract   |   PDF 326KB
Sequence of Escherichia coli O141 O-antigen Gene Cluster and Analyses of Its Evolutionary History
KONG Qing-Ke;GUO Hong-Jie;ZHAO Guang;GUO Xi;CHENG Jian-Song;WANG Lei
 pp.1448-1454      Abstract   |   PDF 297KB
Review on Plant Gene Promoters
ZHANG Chun-Xiao;WANG Wen-Qi;JIANG Xiang-Ning;CHEN Xue-Mei
 pp.1455-1464      Abstract   |   PDF 365KB
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