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Table of Content
2004 Vol.31 Issue11 ,      10 November 2004
Expression and Cytotoxicity of EGFP-labeled D-amino Acid Oxidase in HeLa Cells
HE Zhi-Ying*;JIANG Qian-Li*;CHENG Yuan-Xiao;WEN Li-Min;YAO Yu-Cheng;WANG Xin-Min;LI Wen-Lin;WAGN Jian-Min;HU Yi-Ping
 pp.1175-1281      Abstract   |   PDF 308KB
Expression of Human Soluble gp190 in Yeast Pichia pastoris
LI Gang;WANG Ying-Xiong;PAN Wei;LIU Xue-Qing;HE Jun-Lin;WANG Ya-Guang;CHEN Xue-Mei
 pp.1182-1189      Abstract   |   PDF 335KB
Detection of a Novel Mutation in COL4A5 Gene from a Chinese Family with X-linked Alport Syndrome
PENG Chun-Long;LIANG Hua;ZOU Qing-Ling;WANG Jing;LIU Chang-Sheng;ZHANG Xiao-Feng;CHEN Jie;HU Song-Nian;
 pp.1190-1195      Abstract   |   PDF 273KB
ACE Gene Polymorphisms Associated with Serum ACE Activity in the Henan Hans of China
KONG Xiang-Dong;ZHANG Si-Zhong;
 pp.1196-1202      Abstract   |   PDF 291KB
Study on Polymorphisms of Microsatellites DNA of Six Chinese Indigenous Sheep Breeds
LI Xiang-Long;;GONG Yuan-Fang;ZHANG Jian-Wen;LOU Zheng-Zhu;Allessio Valentini
 pp.1203-1210      Abstract   |   PDF 313KB
Sequencing and Analyzing of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) of Pig Fat Tissue
DENG Ya-Jun;TONG Wei;CHEN Yan-Jiong;HU Song-Nian;LI Sheng-Bin;
 pp.1211-1217      Abstract   |   PDF 281KB
Comparative Study on Lipogenic and Lipolytic Gene Expression in Intramuscular Fat Tissus Between Growing Erhualian and Large White Pigs
GAO Qin-Xue;LI Jun;LIU Hong-Lin;WANG Lin-Yun;XU Yin-Xue
 pp.1218-1225      Abstract   |   PDF 435KB
Genetic Variability and Relationships in Mitochondrial DNA COII Gene Sequence of Red Common Carps in China
WANG Cheng-Hui;LI Si-Fa
 pp.1226-1231      Abstract   |   PDF 261KB
Population Genetic Structure of Pelophylax nigromacuata in Chinese Mainland Based on mtDNA Control Region Sequences
ZHANG Xiong-Fei;ZHOU Kai-Ya;CHANG Qing
 pp.1232-1240      Abstract   |   PDF 361KB
Differential Acute Mortality Among the Allozyme Genotypes of Oxya chinensis by Pestivide Avermectin
LI Cui-Lan;DUAN Yi-Hao;LU Fu-Ping;GUO Ya-Ping;MA En-Bo;
 pp.1241-1247      Abstract   |   PDF 289KB
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of mrjp1 cDNA from Apis cerana cerana
SU Song-Kun;CHEN Sheng-Lu;ZHONG Bo-Xiong;Stefan Albert
 pp.1248-1253      Abstract   |   PDF 337KB
Maximum Likelihood Analysis for Mapping Dynamic Trait QTL in Outbred Population II. Simulation
YANG Run-Qing;GAO Hui-Jiang;SUN Hua;Shizhong Xu
 pp.1254-1261      Abstract   |   PDF 329KB
PCR-based Screening BAC Library and Direct End Sequencing of BAC Clones
HE Cong-Fen;Takao Komatsuda;
 pp.1262-1267      Abstract   |   PDF 262KB
Study on Chromosomes Aberration in Wheat-rye Disomics Addition Lines Induced by the Gametocidal Chromosome 2C
SUN Zhong-Ping;WANG Zhan-Bin;XU Xiang-Ling;LI Ji-Lin;
 pp.1268-1274      Abstract   |   PDF 281KB
Stable Expression of QTL for Grain Shape of Milled Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Using a CSSLs Population
WAN Xiang-Yuan;LIU Shi-Jia;WANG Chun-Ming;JIANG Ling;ZHAI Hu-QU;Atsushi Yoshimura;WAN Jian-Min;
 pp.1275-1283      Abstract   |   PDF 547KB
Comparative Phylogenetic Analysis of the Rice and Arabidopsis PHD-finger Proteins
FENG Ying;LIU Qing-Po;XUE Qing-Zhong
 pp.1284-1293      Abstract   |   PDF 602KB
Construction and Expression of Vector with aroA-In Gene and Its Transformation in Tobacco
赵 瑾;高素琴;费云标;魏令波
 pp.1294-1301      Abstract   |   PDF 366KB
Isolation and Characterization of BcMF3, a Gene Expressed Only in Maintainer Line in Chinese Cabbage-pak-choi (Brassica campestris L. ssp. chinensis Makino var. communis Tsen et Lee)
WANG Yong-Qin;YU Xiao-Lin;CAO Jia-Shu;
 pp.1302-1308      Abstract   |   PDF 351KB
Linkage Map Construction and Mapping of a Dominant Genic Male Sterility Gene (Ms) in Brassica napus
LU Guang-Yuan;YANG Guang-Sheng;BO Ting-Dong
 pp.1309-1315      Abstract   |   PDF 316KB
Phylogenetic Analysis Indicates Bacteria-to-Apicoplast Lateral Gene Transfer
ZHU Xin-Yu
 pp.1316-1320      Abstract   |   PDF 216KB
Progress on Cis-acting Regulatory Elements in Nonsense-mediated mRNA Decay
黄 峙;周天鸿;郭宝江;
 pp.1321-1326      Abstract   |   PDF 219KB
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