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Table of Content
2003 Vol.30 Issue9 ,      10 September 2003
Expressions of Human p53 and c-myc Gene Homologues During Caryopsis Development in Maize
QI Cui-Ying;NING Shun-Bin;WANG Ning;LI Li-Jia;SONG Yun-Chun
 pp.797-803      Abstract   |   PDF 363KB
Analysis of Photoperiod-sensitivity Genes in Minghui63,an Restorer Line of indica Rice(Oryza sativa L.)
LUO Lin-Guang;XU Jun-Feng;ZHAI Hu-Qu;WAN Jian-Min
 pp.804-810      Abstract   |   PDF 325KB
Towards the Positional Cloning of a Spikelet Identity Gene Frizzle Panicle (FZP) in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
LIU Hua-Qing;WU Wei-Ren;DUAN Yuan-Lin;GUAN Hua-Zhong;CHEN Juan;LI Wei-Ming;XUE Yong-Biao
 pp.811-816      Abstract   |   PDF 270KB
Genetic Analysis about Maize Sterile Mutant Obtained by Space Flight
CAO Mo-Ju;RONG Ting-Zhao;PAN Guang-Tang
 pp.817-822      Abstract   |   PDF 218KB
Cloning and Characterization of the PTS2 Receptor Gene (GhPex7) from Cotton (Gosstpium hirsutum L.)
LI De-Mou;XIAO Yue-Hua;LUO Ming;HOU Lei;LUO Xiao-Ying;LUO Ke-Ming;PEI Yan
 pp.823-829      Abstract   |   PDF 480KB
Research on the Genetic Variations of al-Fucosytransferase (FUT1) Gene in 26 Pig Breeds
YAN Xue-Ming;REN Jun;GUO Yuan-Mei;DING Neng-Shui;CHEN Ke-Fei;GAO Jun;AI Hua-Shui;CHEN Cong-Ying;MA Jun-Wu;HUANG Lu-Sheng
 pp.830-834      Abstract   |   PDF 228KB
Genetic Effects pf IGF-1 Gene on the Performance in Landrace × Lantang Pig Resource Population
LI Jia-Qi;CHEN Zan-Mou;LIU De-Wu;LIU Xiao-Hong;SUN Bao-Li;LING Fei;ZHANG Hao;CHEN Yao-Sheng
 pp.835-839      Abstract   |   PDF 252KB
Expression of mRNAs for GHR,IGF-IR,FSHR and LHR in Granulosa and Theca Layers of Ovarian Follicles of Shaoxing Ducks
ZHOU Yu-Chuan;Fu Qi-Gao;ZHAO Ru-Qian;NI Ying-Dong;CHEN Jie
 pp.840-846      Abstract   |   PDF 308KB
Microsatellite Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Phylgenetic Relationship of Eight Sheep Breeds in Xinjiang
JIA Bin;CHEN Jie;ZHAO Ru-Qian;LUO Qiu-Jiang;YAN Gen-Qiang;CHEN Jie
 pp.847-854      Abstract   |   PDF 334KB
Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Shandong Indigenous Chicken Breeds Using Microsatellite Marker
CHEN Hong-Ju;YUE Yong-Sheng;FAN Xin-Zhong;ZHANG Chuan-Sheng;DU Li-Xin;
 pp.855-860      Abstract   |   PDF 258KB
Cloning and Characterization Analysis of the Genes Encoding Precursor of Mast Cell Degranulating Peptide From 2 Honeybee and 3 Wasp Species
ZHANG Su-Fang;SHI Wan-Jun;CHENG Jia-An;ZHANG Chuan-Xi
 pp.861-866      Abstract   |   PDF 307KB
Phylogenetic Reconstruction of DNA Polymerase X Family
ZHU Xin-Yu
 pp.867-872      Abstract   |   PDF 312KB
Origin of Hakka and Hakkanese; A Genetics Analysis
LI Hui;PAN Wu-Yun;WEN Bo;YANG Ning-Ning;JIN Jian-Zhong;JIN Li;LU Da-Ru
 pp.873-880      Abstract   |   PDF 327KB
Application of Atomic Force Microscopy in the Study of Morphology of Double Minute Chromosomes
DENG Xin-Yu;ZHANG Yu;ZENG Li;GUO Li-Qiu;YAN Yong-Da;DONG Shen;ZHANG Gui-Yin;LI Pu;FU Song-Bin
 pp.881-885      Abstract   |   PDF 216KB
Progress in Molecular Biology Study of DNA Computer
ZHANG Zhi-Zhou;ZHAO Jian;HE Lin
 pp.886-892      Abstract   |   PDF 209KB
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