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Table of Content
2003 Vol.30 Issue8 ,      10 August 2003
Chromosomal Location and Expression of Green Fluorescent Protein (gfp) Gene in Microspore Derived Transgenic Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
CHEN Jian-Min;Carlson A R;WAN Jian-Min;KashaKJ
 pp.697-705      Abstract   |   PDF 408KB
Studies of Genetic Analysis and SSR Linked Marker Location or Gene Resistance to Southern Rust in Inbred Line P25 of Maize
LIU Zhang-Xiong;Wang Shou-Cai;Dai Jing-Rui;Huang Lie-Jian;Cao Hai-He
 pp.706-710      Abstract   |   PDF 225KB
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Rice Grain Shape Based on an indica/ japonica Backcross Population
YAN Chang-Jie;LIANG Guo-Hua;CHEN Feng;LI Xin;TANG Shu-Zhu;YI Chuang-Deng;TIAN Shun;LU Ju-Fei;GU Ming-Hong
 pp.711-716      Abstract   |   PDF 279KB
Construction of Expression Vector with BG2 Gene and Its Transformation in Wheat
XING Quan-Hua;WANG Guang-Jin;SHI Jin-Feng;WANG Yue-Guang;LI Zhong-Jie;LIANG Feng-Shan;JIN De-Min;WANG Bin
 pp.717-722      Abstract   |   PDF 289KB
Cloning and Identification of the Priming GlycosyItransferase Gene Involved in Exopolysaccharide 139A Biosynthesis in Streptomyces
WANG Ling-Yan;LI Shi-Tao;GUO Lian-Hong;JIANG Rong;LI Yuan
 pp.723-729      Abstract   |   PDF 357KB
Construction and Verification of the Effectiveness of pMBL: A Cloning Vector of Exported Proteins Encoding Genes
YU Xu-Ping;ZHU Jun-Li;YAO Xue-Ping;HE Shi-Cheng;JIN Jun-Jie;NIU Dong;RUAN Hui
 pp.730-736      Abstract   |   PDF 371KB
Construction of Insecticidal Recombinant Bacillus thuringiensis Using An Integrative Vector
YUE Chao-Yin;SUN Ming;CHEN Shou-Wen;YU Zi-Niu
 pp.737-742      Abstract   |   PDF 296KB
Labelling of Three Different Mouse ES Cell Lines with the Green Fluorescent Protein
ZHAO Wen-Ning;MENG Guo-Liang;XUE You-Fang
 pp.743-749      Abstract   |   PDF 315KB
Effects of Marker-assisted Selection under Different Initial Frequency of QTL Favorable Allele
LU Shao-Xiong;WU Chang-Xin;LIAN Lin-Sheng
 pp.750-754      Abstract   |   PDF 215KB
Studies of BMPR-IB and BMP15 as Candidate Genes for Fecundity in Little Tailed Han Sheep
LIU Shu-Fang;JIANG Yun-Liang;DU Li-Xin;
 pp.755-760      Abstract   |   PDF 271KB
Polymorphisms of Exon 2 of MHC-DRB3 Gene in Mongolian and Kazakh Sheep
SUN Dong-Xiao;ZHANG Yuan;LI Ning
 pp.761-765      Abstract   |   PDF 239KB
Molecular Phylogeny of Some Species of the Acridoida Based on 16S rDNA
YIN Hong;ZHANG Dao-Chuan;BI Zhi-Li;YIN Zhan;LIU Yong;YIN Xiang-Chu;
 pp.766-772      Abstract   |   PDF 376KB
Gene Prediction and Function Research of SARS-CoV (BJ01)
CHEN Ting-GUi;WU Song-Feng;WAN Ping;DU Chun-Juan;LI Jian-Qi;LI Dong;WEI Guang-Zhi;LI Bin;WANG Zhong-Sheng;XUE Xiao-Fang;ZHU Yun-Ping;HE Fu-Chu
 pp.773-780      Abstract   |   PDF 267KB
Sequence Variation of D12S391 and D11S554 Loci in Guangzhou Han Population
YU Lei;WU Xin-Yao;CAI Gui-Qing;OU Jing-Hua;CAO Lu-Mei
 pp.781-784      Abstract   |   PDF 179KB
Variation of Insulin Receptor Substrate-2 Gene 3’-untranslated Region in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
ZENG Wei-Min;CHEN Shu-Hua;XIE Ping;LIU Mei-Lian;SONG Hui-Ping
 pp.785-789      Abstract   |   PDF 230KB
The Structure and Regulation of Plant Proteinase Inhibitor Genes and Their Straregy in Pest Control
CHENG Zhong-Yi;XUE Qing-Zhong
 pp.790-796      Abstract   |   PDF 295KB
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