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Table of Content
2003 Vol.30 Issue5 ,      10 May 2003
Multiple Cis-acting Sequences Implicate Function Diversity in Nuclear Matrix Attachment Regions of Bovine Mammary Gland
LAO Wei-De;ZHANG Chuan-Sheng;HU Guo-Fa;ZHANG Xu-Chen;WEI Ying-Yun
 pp.397-406      Abstract   |   PDF 512KB
Establishment of Keratinocyte-specific Cre Recombinase Transgenic Mice
MAO Chun-Ming;YANG Xiao;CHENG Xuan;LU Ya-Xin;ZHOU Jiang;HUANG Cui-Fen
 pp.407-413      Abstract   |   PDF 315KB
The Chromosome Number and Gonadal Structure of F9~F11 Allotetaploid Crucian-carp
SUN Yuan-Dong;LIU Shao-Jun;ZHANG Chun;LI Jian-Zhong;HUANG Wei-Ren;ZHANG Jian;LUO Kai-Kun;ZHOU Gong-Jian;LIU Yun
 pp.414-418      Abstract   |   PDF 230KB
Seqnence Variation of Mitochondrial Cytochrome b Gene and Phylogenetic Relationships among Twelve Species of Charadriiformes
CHEN Xiao-Fang;WANG Xiang;YUAN Xiao-Dong;TANG Min-Qian;LI Yu-Xiang;GUO Yu-Mei;LI Qing-Wei
 pp.419-424      Abstract   |   PDF 321KB
D-loop Sequence Variation of Mitochondrial DNA in Captive Chinese Alligator
WANG Yi-Quan;ZHU Wei-Quan;WANG Chao-Lin;
 pp.425-430      Abstract   |   PDF 258KB
Effects of Individual Gene Heterozygosity on Growth Traits in Swine
JIANG Xun-Ping;XIONG Yuan-Zhu;LIU Gui-Qiong;DENG Chang-Yan;QU Yan-Chun
 pp.431-436      Abstract   |   PDF 264KB
Mitochondrual DNA Sequence Variations of Keriyan in the Taklamakan Desert
DUAN Ran-Hui;CUI Yin-Qiu;ZHOU Hui;ZHU Hong
 pp.437-442      Abstract   |   PDF 240KB
Localization of QTLs for Yield and Fiber Quality Traits of Tetraploid Cotton Cultivar
WU Mao-Qing;ZHANG Xian-Long;NIE Yi-Chun;HE Dao-Hua
 pp.443-452      Abstract   |   PDF 439KB
Detection and Analysis of QTL for Seed Dormancy in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Using RIL and CSSL Population
JIANG Ling;CAO Ya-Jun;WANG Chun-Ming;ZHAI Hu-Qu;WAN Jian-Min;Atsushi Yoshimura
 pp.453-458      Abstract   |   PDF 306KB
Location of the Fertillity Restorer Gene for T-Type CMS Wheat by Microsatellite Marker
ZHANG Gui;WANG Hong-Ying;SHEN Yin-Zhu;ZHAO Bao-Cun;ZHU Zheng-Ge;HUANG Zhan-Jing
 pp.459-464      Abstract   |   PDF 246KB
Studies on Application of APAGE in Male Sterile Wheat with Alloplamic Cytoplasm
WANG Xiao-Li;ZHANG Gai-Sheng;CHEN Xin-Hong;LIU Hong-Wei;WANG Jun-Wei
 pp.465-468      Abstract   |   PDF 178KB
Transcriptional Control of orf224/atp6 by the pol CMS Restorer Rfp Gene in Brassica napus L.
YUAN Mei;YANG Guang-Sheng;FU Ting-Dong;LI Yun
 pp.469-473      Abstract   |   PDF 257KB
Genetics of Resistance to Carbendazim in Gibberella zeae
YUAN Shan-Kui;ZHOU Ming-Guo
 pp.474-478      Abstract   |   PDF 213KB
A Cyclin A-like Protein is Localized in the Cells of Physarum polycephalum and Functions in the Cell Cycle
LI Xiao-Xue;LI Cui-Ying;XING Miao
 pp.479-484      Abstract   |   PDF 258KB
Progress on Mechanism of Nuclear Regprogramming After Nuclear Transfer
HU Wei;WANG Ya-Ping;ZHU Zuo-Yan
 pp.485-492      Abstract   |   PDF 291KB
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