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Table of Content
2003 Vol.30 Issue12 ,      10 December 2003
Identification of Differential Expression ESTs in Pig Muscle Tissue by DHPLC
WANG Chong;CHEN Yao-Sheng;LI Chong-Sheng;HUANG Zhi-Hong;TIAN Xing-Guo
 pp.1085-1089      Abstract   |   PDF 259KB
Investigation on the Distribution and Their Effects on Reproduction Traits of Three Major Genes in Jinhua Pigs
XU Ning-Ying;ZHANG Sheng-Qiao;PENG Shu-Hong
 pp.1090-1096      Abstract   |   PDF 297KB
Expression of the Skeletal Muscle Tx-TnT During the Different Developmental Stages Between Avian Brollier and Hongshan Chicken
YU Mei;CAI Wei-Qiang;JIN Jian-Ping;ZHANG Qing-De;CAO Jian-Hua;LI Kui
 pp.1097-1100      Abstract   |   PDF 182KB
Preliminary Analysis on China Agricultural University Chicken Resource Population Based on Genomic Scanning
HU Xiao-Xiang;HUANG Yin-Hua;GAO Yu;DU Zhi-Qiang;FENG Ji-Dong;XU Wei-Zhuo;DENG Xue-Mei;ZHANG Ying;FAN Bao-Liang;ZHAO Zhi-Hui;LIU Zhao-Liang;YANG Ning;JIN Ning-Yi;WU Chang-Xin;LI Ning
 pp.1101-1106      Abstract   |   PDF 252KB
Association of PCR-RFLP Polymorphisms of IGF2 Gene with Fat Deposit Related Traits in Pig Resource Family
LIU Gui-Lan;JIANG Si-Wen;XIONG Yuan-Zhu;ZHENG Rong;QU Yan-Chun
 pp.1107-1112      Abstract   |   PDF 275KB
Studies of the Gene Expression and Structure Alteration of vim entin During Differentiation of Rat Preadipocytes
TIAN Zhi-Hua;YANG Gong-She;ZHAO Xing-Bo;HE Da-Cheng
 pp.1113-1117      Abstract   |   PDF 219KB
Characterization of QTLs for Harvest Index and Source-sink Characters in a DH Population of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
MAO Bei-Bei;CAI Wen-Juan;ZHANG Zhi-Hong;HU Zhong-Li;LI Ping;ZHU Li-Huang;ZHU Ying-Guo
 pp.1118-1126      Abstract   |   PDF 417KB
Mapping of QTLs Controlling Chlorophyll Content in Rice
WANG Bin;LAN Tao;WU Wei-Ren;LI Wei-Ming
 pp.1127-1132      Abstract   |   PDF 254KB
QTLs Mapping of Leaf Traits and Root Vitality in A Recombinant Inbred Line Population of Rice
 pp.1133-1139      Abstract   |   PDF 319KB
AFLP Fingerprintubg Map Analysis of Pleurotus ostreatus
MENG Yu;JIANG Chang-Shun;LIAO Wen-Tao;ZHANG Yi-Zheng
 pp.1140-1146      Abstract   |   PDF 290KB
Quantitative Chromosome Map of Coix lacryma-jobi L. by Imaging Methods
HAN Yong-Hua;QI Cui-Ying;LIU Li-Hua;SONG Yun-Chun
 pp.1147-1152      Abstract   |   PDF 294KB
Mapping and Analysis QTL Controlling Some Morphological Traits in Chinese Cabbage (Brassica campestris L.ssp. pekinensis)
YU Shuan-Cang;WANG Yong-Jian;ZHENG Xiao-Ying
 pp.1153-1160      Abstract   |   PDF 395KB
Isolation and Characterization of a BRCA1-interacting Protein
YAN Jing-Hua;YE Qi-Nong;ZHU Jian-Hua;ZHONG Hong-Jun;ZHENG Hui-Yong;HUANG Cui-Fen
 pp.1161-1166      Abstract   |   PDF 262KB
Apolipoprotein E Gene Polymorphisms and Alzheimer Disease
CHEN Deng;ZHANG Jun-Wu;ZHANG Zhen-Xin;ZHAO Hua-Lu;LI Xiao-Qing;WU Ya-Ning;QU Qiu-Ming
 pp.1167-1170      Abstract   |   PDF 199KB
Cloning and Structural Analysis of 5’ -Flanking Sequence of Human Hepatic Stimulator Substance (hHSS) Gene
WANG Xin-Nan;SONG Zhi-Gang;WU Yuan;CHEN Li;ZHAO Yan-Yan;AN Wei
 pp.1171-1176      Abstract   |   PDF 357KB
petection of the Frequencies of Numberical and Structural Chromosome Aberrations in Sperm of Benzene Series-exposed Workers by Multi-color Fluorescence in situ Hybridization
LIU Xin-Xia;TANG Guo-Hui;YUAN Yong-Xin;DENG Li-Xia;ZHANG Qiao;ZHENG Lu-Kang
 pp.1177-1182      Abstract   |   PDF 234KB
Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design for Mapping Genes of Complex Traits in Domestic Animals
Y Da
 pp.1183-1192      Abstract   |   PDF 355KB
A Software Tool for the Graphical Visualization of Large and Complex Populations
J R Garbe;Y Da
 pp.1193-1195      Abstract   |   PDF 118KB
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