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Table of Content
2003 Vol.30 Issue11 ,      10 November 2003
Effects of Trait Heritability and QTL Variance on Marker-assisted Selection
LU Shao-Xiong;WU Chang-Xin;LIAN Lin-Sheng
 pp.989-995      Abstract   |   PDF 286KB
Cloning of a Pathogenesis-related Protein Gene cDNA or Potato Using RACE Methods Combined with cDNA Library
TIAN Zhen-Dong;LIU Jun;XIE Cong-Hua
 pp.996-1002      Abstract   |   PDF 394KB
Origins and Evolution of Brassica campestris L. in China
HE Yu-Tang;CHEN Bao-Yuan;FU Ting-Dong;LI Dian-Rong;TU Jin-Xing
 pp.1003-1012      Abstract   |   PDF 456KB
A Primary Study of Transferring the Pinellia Tenata Agglutinin (pta) Gene into Rice and Expression
ZHANG Hong-Yu;WU Xian-Jun;TANG Ke-Xuan;WANG Xu-Dong;SUN Xiao-Fen;ZHOU Kai-Da
 pp.1013-1019      Abstract   |   PDF 331KB
Cloning, Analysis and Fusion Expression of Methyl Parathion Hydrolase
LIU Zhi;HONG Qing;XU Jian-Hong;WU Jun;ZHANG Xiao-Zhou;ZHANG Xiao-hua;MA Ai-Zhi;ZHU Jun;LI Shun-Peng
 pp.1020-1026      Abstract   |   PDF 332KB
Studies on the Genetic Differentiation of Two Populations of Oriental Migratory Locusta migratoria manilensis in China
LI Chun-Xuan;MA En-Bo;GUO Ya-Ping
 pp.1027-1033      Abstract   |   PDF 337KB
Molecular Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Pheromone Biosynthesis Activating Neuropeptide (PBAN) Gene or Bombyx mandarina China
XU Chun-Yuan;LIU Yan-Qun;LU Cheng;XIANG Zhong-Huai
 pp.1034-1040      Abstract   |   PDF 455KB
Studies on Microsatellite and RAPD Markers in Little-tailed Han Sheep
DU Li-Xin;CAO Ding-Guo
 pp.1041-1044      Abstract   |   PDF 160KB
Chromosome Studies of the Freshwater Planarians (Dugesia sp) from China (I)
MA Jin-You;LU Jiu-Quan;CHEN Guang-Wen;XU Cun-Shuan;LIU De-Zeng
 pp.1045-1050      Abstract   |   PDF 277KB
DNA Sequence Compposition on Human X Chromosome Differing from that on Chromosomes 6,7,8,10,11 and 12
LU Zhan-Jun;ZHAI Yu;WANG Xiu-Fang;SONG Shu-Xia
 pp.1051-1060      Abstract   |   PDF 480KB
Relationship Between CpG Methylation of p16 Gene and Sporatic Colorectal Cancer
YANG Yu-Hua;HE Xiao-Bing;ZHANG Feng-Rui;ZHANG Jian-Qiong;XIE Wei
 pp.1061-1064      Abstract   |   PDF 183KB
Polymorphism Distribution of 8 Y-STR Loci in Four Minority Populations in Yunnan of China
YANG Xiao-Xia;ZHENG Bing-Rong;YANG Zhi-Li;SHI Hong;DONG Yong-Li;YANG Jie;ZENG Wei-Min;GAO Lu;XIAO Chun-Jie
 pp.1065-1070      Abstract   |   PDF 212KB
Origin, Diversity and Evolution of NBS-type Disease-resistance Gene Analogues in Sea-island Cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.)
TU Li-Li;ZHANG Xian-Long;ZHU Long-Fu;NIE Yi-Chun;GUO Xiao-Ping
 pp.1071-1077      Abstract   |   PDF 302KB
Molecular Control of Plant Trichome Development
PU Li;SUO Jin-Feng;XUE Yong-Biao
 pp.1078-1084      Abstract   |   PDF 294KB
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