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Table of Content
2003 Vol.30 Issue1 ,      10 January 2003
cDNA Cloning,Subcellular Localization and Tissue Expression of a New Human Kruppil-like Transcription Factor:Human Basic Kruppel-like Factor(hBKLF)
WANG Mang-Ju;QU Xiang-Hu;WANG Li-Sheng;ZHAI Yun;WU Shu-Lan;HE Fu-Chu
 pp.1-9      Abstract   |   PDF 357KB
Deptecting Haplotypes of DXS7132 and DXS6804 Loci by Multiplex PCR
LU De-Jian
 pp.10-14      Abstract   |   PDF 159KB
Studying the Polymorphism at DYF155S1 Locus in Chinese Han Population by MVR-PCR Marked with Fluorescence
YU Lei;WU Xin-Yao;HUANG Yan-Mei;CAI Gui-Qing;XU Chuan-Chao;TAONG Da-Yue
 pp.15-19      Abstract   |   PDF 304KB
Experssion of the Human Extracellular Domain of High Density Lipoportein Receptor in Methylotropic Yeast
HU Jian;HONG Bin;LI Yuan
 pp.20-24      Abstract   |   PDF 305KB
Molecular Cloning for Testis Spermatogenesis Cell Apoptosis Related Gene TSARG1 and Mtsarg1 and Expression Analysis for Mtsarg1 Gene
FU Jun-Jiang;LU Guang-Xiu;LI Lu-Yun;LIU Gang;XING Xiao-Wei;LIU Shang-Feng
 pp.25-29      Abstract   |   PDF 222KB
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Analysis in Sow Mu Opioid Recetor Gene Exon Ⅲ
LI Jian-Hong;CUI Wei-Guo;BAO Jun
 pp.30-34      Abstract   |   PDF 222KB
Primaru Factors Affecting the Evaluation Accuracy of Animal Model MBLUP
LU Shao-Xiong;WU Chang-Xin;LIAN Lin-Sheng
 pp.35-39      Abstract   |   PDF 214KB
Genetic Analysis of the Low Critical Sterility Tenperature Point in Photoperiod-thermo Sensitive Genic Male Sterile Rice
TAO Ai-Lin;ZENG Han-Lai;ZHANG Yuan-Ming;XIE Guo-Sheng;QIN Fa-Lan;ZHENG Yong-Lian;ZHANG Duan-Pin
 pp.40-48      Abstract   |   PDF 335KB
Cloning,Mapping and Protein Expression of Wheat Thaumatin Protein Gene (TaTLP1)
YU Ling;NIU Ji-Shan;MA Zheng-Qiang;CHEN Pei-Du;LIU Da-Jun
 pp.49-55      Abstract   |   PDF 211KB
Different Expression of Genes Related to Photoperiod-temperature Sensitive Genic Male Sterility in Wheat,Revealed by mRNA Differential Display Using G-box Family Primer
CAO Shuang-He;LIU Dong-Cheng;LIU Li-Ke;GUO Xiao-Li;ZHANG Ai-Min
 pp.56-61      Abstract   |   PDF 262KB
Cloning and Sequencing of ACC Oxidase Gene from Sugarcane
WANG Zi-Zhang;Li Yang-Rui;ZHANG Shu-Zhen;LIN Jun-Fang;GUO Li-Qiong
 pp.62-69      Abstract   |   PDF 372KB
Virus Resistance in Transgenic Watermelon Plants Containing a WMV-2 Coat Protein Gene
WANG Hui-Zhong;ZHAO Pei-Jie;XU Ji-Chen;ZHAO Huai;ZHANG Hong-Sheng
 pp.70-75      Abstract   |   PDF 151KB
Genetic Analysis of Isozyme Loci of Intraspecific Hybrid in Auricuaria auricula
BIAN Yin-Bing;WU Kang-Yun;WU Chang-Sheng
 pp.76-80      Abstract   |   PDF 236KB
Phylogentic Relationships Among Citrus and Its Relatives as Revealed by SSR Markers
PANG Xiao-Ming;HU Chun-Gen;DENG Xiu-Xin
 pp.81-87      Abstract   |   PDF 288KB
Characterization of 5S rRNA Gene Sequence and Secondary Structure in Gymnosperms
LIU Zhan-Lin;ZHANG Da-Ming;WANG Xiao-Ru
 pp.88-96      Abstract   |   PDF 241KB
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