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Table of Content
2002 Vol.29 Issue8 ,      10 August 2002
Functional Analysis of the Human T-type Calcium Channel α1H Subunit Gene in Cellular Proliferation
WANG Yue-Qun;Brooks Gavin;ZHU Chuan-Bing;YUAN Wu-Zhou;LI Yong-Qing;WU Xiu-Shan;
 pp.659-665      Abstract   |   PDF 236KB
The Analysis of the Surnames and Intermarriages of the Suburbanites of Shanghai
XU Li-Qun;LI Hui;XI Hui-Feng;JIN Li;
 pp.666-673      Abstract   |   PDF 169KB
12S rRNA Cytochrome b and MDR1 Gene DNA Sequence and Phylogenetic Evolution of Muntiacus (M. muntiak, M.reevesi, M. crinifros)
YI Guang-Cai;ZHANG Xiao-Mei;SHAN Xiang-Nian;
 pp.674-680      Abstract   |   PDF 267KB
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci for Fat Deposition in Carcass in Pigs
SU Yu-Hong;XIONG Yuan-Zhu;ZHANG Qin;JIANG Si-Wen;LEI Ming-Gang;YU Li;ZHENG Rong;DENG Chang-Yan
 pp.681-684      Abstract   |   PDF 117KB
Polymorphism Analysis of the Exon 2 of SLA-DOB Gene in Xiao Meishan,Zhong Meishan and Yorkshire Pigs with PCR-RFLP
FANG Mei-Ying. HU Xiao-Xiang. LI Ning. WU Chang-Xin.
 pp.685-687      Abstract   |   PDF 121KB
Genetic Effects on Grain Shape Traits of indica Black Pericarp Rice and Their Genetic Correlations with Main Mineral Element Contents in Grains
ZHANG Ming-Wei;GUO Bao-Jiang;PENG Zhong-Ming
 pp.688-695      Abstract   |   PDF 174KB
Analysis of Leaf Proteins of Zidao Male-Sterile Line by 2D-PAGE
WEI Lei;DING Yi;HU Yao-Jun;YU Jin-Hong
 pp.696-699      Abstract   |   PDF 233KB
Chromosome Mapping of The S-b Locus for F1 Pollen Sterility in Cultivated Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) with RAPD Markers
ZHUANG Chu-Xiong;MEI Man-Tong;ZHANG Gui-Quan;LU Yong-Gen
 pp.700-705      Abstract   |   PDF 190KB
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci for Plant Height in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Using a F2:3 Population
LIU Dong-Cheng;GAO Mu-Qiang;GUAN Rong-Xia;LI Run-Zhi;CAO Shuang-He;GUO Xiao-Li;ZHANG Ai-Min;
 pp.706-711      Abstract   |   PDF 182KB
Construction, Characterization and Screening of a Transformation-Competent Artificial Chromosome (TAC) Library of Wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium Translocation Line with Resistance to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus
WANG Xiao-Ping;ZHANG Zeng-Yan;ZHANG Qun-Yu;LIU Yao-Guang;XIN Zhi-Yong
 pp.712-718      Abstract   |   PDF 317KB
RAPD Markers Linked to the Stripe Rust Resistance Gene Yr5 in the Wheat Variety Triticum spelta album
ZHONG Ming;NIU Yong-Chun;XU Shi-Chang;WU Li-Ren
 pp.719-722      Abstract   |   PDF 154KB
Genetic Diversity and Differentiation of Fagopyrum tataricum and Its Related Species in China
ZHAO Zuo-Cheng;ZHOU Ming-De;WANG Zhong-Ren;HOU Xin
 pp.723-734      Abstract   |   PDF 286KB
Sequence Analysis of Bt Insertion Flanking Fragments in Transgenic Bt Cotton
ZUO Kai-Jing;ZHNAG Xiao-Long;NIE Yi-Lan;SUN Ji-Zhong
 pp.735-740      Abstract   |   PDF 194KB
Integration of DNA Clones Related to Important Economic Traits of Brassica napus onto Arabidopsis Genetic Map
WANG Li-Xia;ZHAO Jian-Wei;XU Fang-Sen;LIU Ren-Hu;MENG Jin-Ling
 pp.741-746      Abstract   |   PDF 196KB
Analysis of Factors Shaping S.pneumoniae Codon Usage
HOU Zhuo-Cheng;YANG Ning
 pp.747-752      Abstract   |   PDF 164KB
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