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Table of Content
2002 Vol.29 Issue6 ,      10 June 2002
Studies of Distribution of Phosphorylated H3 in Human MCF-7 Cells by Immunofluroescence Labeling
YANG Qin;CHEN Jia-Tong;GENG Zhao-Hui;YU Xin-Da;HUANG Xi-Tai
 pp.471-475      Abstract   |   PDF 240KB
Mapping and Expression Analysis of a Different Expression cDNA Fragment from Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Line
FAN Hong;LI Yu;FENG Hui-Chen;LU Bing-Jie;FU Song-Bin;ZHANG Gui-Yin;LI Pu
 pp.476-480      Abstract   |   PDF 187KB
The Study of the Uncoulping Protein Gene as the Candidate Gene for Fatness Traits in Chicken
ZHAO Jian-Guo;LI Hui;MENG He;GU Zhi-Liang;WANG Qi-Gui;WANG Yu-Xiang
 pp.481-486      Abstract   |   PDF 257KB
The Selecting Experiment of Resistance to Marek’s Disease of Chicken
CHENG Guang-Chao;GONG Gui-Fen;WANG Li;FU Xian-Qiang;QIU Bao-Qin;SUN Hui;WANG Hong-Wei
 pp.487-491      Abstract   |   PDF 154KB
The Developmental Patterns of GHr Gene Expression in Gastric Tissue of Erhualian and Large White Pigs
XIA Dong;ZHAO Ru-Qian;XU Qing-Fu;XU Jin-Xian;SHI Zi-Gang;CHEN Jie
 pp.492-496      Abstract   |   PDF 222KB
Molecular Screening of MC4R Gene and Association with Fat Traits in Pig Resource Family
LIU Gui-Lan;JIANG Si-Wen;XIONG Yuan-Zhu;ZHENG Rong;QU Yan-Chun
 pp.497-501      Abstract   |   PDF 199KB
Genetic Polymorphisms of Five Microsatellite Loci in Small Tail Han Sheep
CHU Ming-Xing;WANG Ji-Zhen;WANG Ai-Guo;LI Ning;FU Jin-Lian
 pp.502-506      Abstract   |   PDF 189KB
Genetic Relationships among Oxya agavisa adn Other Relative Species Revealed by Cyt b Sequences
REN Zhu-Mei;MA En-Bo;GUO Ya-Ping
 pp.507-513      Abstract   |   PDF 303KB
The Detection of Living Triploid of Haliotis discus hannai-Directly Making Chromosome Sample of Mantle and Epipedium Tentacle
LI Ya-Juan;MAO Lian-Ju;LI Xia;WANG Zi-Chen;SONG Jian
 pp.514-518      Abstract   |   PDF 182KB
Obtaining Stem Borer-resistant Homozygous Transgenic Lines of Minghui 81 Harboring Novel cryAc Gene via particle Bombardment
ZENG Qian-Chun.;WU Qian;ZHOU Kai-Da;FENG De-Jiang;WANG Feng;SU Jun;Illimar Altosaar;ZHU Zhen
 pp.519-524      Abstract   |   PDF 297KB
ESTs Analysis of Resistance to Powdery Mildew in Wheat at Primary Infected Stage
LUO Meng;KONG Xiu-Ying;HUO Na-Xin;ZHOU Rong-Hua;JIA Ji-Zeng
 pp.525-530      Abstract   |   PDF 229KB
Genetic Analysis on Restorer Genes of D2-type CMS Lines of Common Wheat
LIU Chun-Guang;WU Yu-Wen;HOU Ning;LIU Gen-Qi;ZHANG Cui-Lan;ZHANG Yan
 pp.531-536      Abstract   |   PDF 212KB
 pp.537-541      Abstract   |   PDF 270KB
Genetic Diversity of D-genome Revealed by SSR Markers in Synthesized Hexaoloid Wheat Introduced from CIMMYT
NI Zhong-Fu;ZHANG Yi-Rong;LIANG Rong-Qi;LIU Guang-Tian;SUN Qi-Xin
 pp.542-548      Abstract   |   PDF 258KB
Sequence of the ITS Region of Nuclear Ribosomal DNA (nrDNA) in Xinjiang Wild Dianthus and Its Phylogenetic Relationship
ZHANG Lu;. CAI You-Ming;. ZHUGE Qiang;ZOU Hui-Yu;HUANG Min-Ren
 pp.549-554      Abstract   |   PDF 214KB
Studies of Marker Screening Efficiency and Corresponding Influencing Factors in QTL Composite Interval Mapping
GAO Yong-Ming;WAN Ping
 pp.555-561      Abstract   |   PDF 228KB
Maximum Entropy Principle and Population Genetic Equilibrium
WANG Xiao-Long;YUAN Zhi-Fa;GUO Man-Cai;SONG Shi-De;ZHANG Quan-Qi;BAO Zhen-Min
 pp.562-564      Abstract   |   PDF 120KB
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