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Table of Content
2002 Vol.29 Issue5 ,      10 May 2002
Molecular Cloning,Characterization,Chromosomal Assignment,Genomic Organization and Verification of SFRS12(SRrp508),a Novel Member of Human SR Protein Superfamily and a Human Homolog of Rat SRrp86
ZHANG De-Li;SUN Xiao-Jing;LIANG Lun-Jiang;CHEN Run-Sheng;MA Da-Long
 pp.377-383      Abstract   |   PDF 266KB
Analysis of DNA Polymorphism at HLA-A Locus by PCR Amplification with Sequence Specific Oligonucleotide Probe in Chinese Han and Uygur Populations
YAN Chun-Xia;SONG Yan-Ping;LAI Shu-Ping;LAI Jiang-Hua;ZHANG Hong-Bo;ZHAO Jun-Hai;LI Sheng-Bin
 pp.384-389      Abstract   |   PDF 215KB
Studies of the Deletion and Expression of Cytokeratin 13 Gene in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
HE Guang;FU Wei-Neng;QIU Guang-Bin;ZHAO Zhen;XU Zhen-Ming;SUN Xing-He;SUN Kai-Lai
 pp.390-395      Abstract   |   PDF 339KB
Expression of Green Fluorescent Protein Vector by Promoter sequence of CYP21 Gene and CYP21P Gene
HAN Bei;WANG Xiu-Min;ZHANG Ya-Fen;GU Xue-Fan
 pp.396-401      Abstract   |   PDF 247KB
Cloning and Sequencing of Four Microsatellite Loci in Small Tail Han Sheep
CHU Ming-Xing;WANG Ji-Zhen;WANG Ai-Guo;LI Ning;FU Jin-Lian
 pp.402-405      Abstract   |   PDF 159KB
Nuclear Transplantation of Somatic Cells of Transgenic Red Carp(Cyprinus carpio haematopterus)
ZHAO Hao-Bin;ZHU Zuo-Yan
 pp.406-412      Abstract   |   PDF 236KB
Relationship of T→A Mutation in the Promoter Region of Myostatin Gene with Growth Traits in Swine
JIANG Yun-Liang;LI Ning;DU Li-Xin;WU CHang-Xin
 pp.413-416      Abstract   |   PDF 116KB
Phylogenetic Position of Chinese Endemic Drosophila curviceps Species Subgroup in the Drosophila immigrans Group
 pp.417-423      Abstract   |   PDF 240KB
Generation and Characterization of Chondrocyte Specific Cre Transgenic Mice
HAO Zhen-Ming;YANG Xiao;CHENG Xuan;ZHOU Jiang;HUANG Cui-Fen
 pp.424-429      Abstract   |   PDF 219KB
Effects of Several Microsatellite DNA Loci on Milk Production in Dairy Cattle
SHAN Xue-Song;ZHANG Yuan;LI Ning
 pp.430-433      Abstract   |   PDF 113KB
Studies of F1 of Transgenic Allotraploid Hybrids of Carassius auratus red var.(♀)×Cyprinus carpio(♂)
FENG Hao;ZENG Zhi-Qiang;LIU Shao-Jun;ZHANG Xuan-Jie;ZHOU Gong-Jian;LI Jian-Zhong;LIU Yun;WANG Ya-Ping;CHEN Shang-Ping;HU Wei;ZHU Zuo-Yan
 pp.434-437      Abstract   |   PDF 141KB
Prediction of Yield and Yield Components in Hybrid Rice by Using Molecular Markers
HE Guang-Hua;HOU Lei;LI De-Mou;LUO Xiao-Ying;NIU Guo-Qing;TANG Mei;PEI Yan
 pp.438-444      Abstract   |   PDF 148KB
Genetic Diversity Revealed by ISSR Molecular Marker in Common Wheat,Spelt,Compactum and Progeny of Recurrent Selection
DU Jin-Kun;YAO Ying-Yin;NI Zhong-Fu;PENG Hui-Ru;SUN Qi-Xin
 pp.445-452      Abstract   |   PDF 211KB
Identification,Mapping,and Application of A Chromosome-specific RAPD Marker from Haynaldia villosa
LIU Shou-Bin;TANG Zhao-Hui;YOU Ming-Shan;LI Bao-Yun;MAO Shan-Feng;SONG Jian-Min;LIU Guang-Tian
 pp.453-457      Abstract   |   PDF 160KB
Characterization of An Ultra-Violet Inducible Gene that Encodes Glutathione S-transferase in Arabidopsis thaliana
LIU Xin-Fang;LIU Jia-Yang
 pp.458-460      Abstract   |   PDF 215KB
Copia-like Retrotransposon in Amaranthus
HE Yu-Qing;SUN Mei;ZHU Ying-Guo;ZHANG Li-Da
 pp.461-466      Abstract   |   PDF 207KB
Production and Cytogenetics of Hybrids of Ogura CMS Brassica campestris var.purpuraria×Raphanus sativus×Brassica napus
HUANG Bang-Quan;LIU You-Qi;WU Wen-Hua;XUE Xiao-Qiao
 pp.467-470      Abstract   |   PDF 238KB
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