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Table of Content
2002 Vol.29 Issue4 ,      10 April 2002
Y Chromosome Variations and Hyplogroups from 15 Biallelic Markers in Six Chinese Populations
YU Min;ZHANG Yong-Li;CHEN Feng;XUE Ya-Li;YU Yang;MA Lin-Lin;HUANG Xiao-Yi;LIU An;SHI Rong-Qian;LU Fu-Qu;HUANG Cheng-Bin;ZHANG Gui-Yin;LI Pu;FU Song-Bin
 pp.283-289      Abstract   |   PDF 152KB
A Short Tandem Repeat Polmorphism in the Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene in Chinese Population
LU Xing;LU Ping;XING Rui-Yun;SUN Qi-Yun;QIU Ze-Wu;HAN Li;ZHOU Xu-Bin;ZHENG Xiao-Fei
 pp.290-293      Abstract   |   PDF 147KB
Polymorphism Analysis of 825C/T of the G-protein β3 Subunit in High Risk Population of Hypertension in the Northeast China
DAI Shu-Ping;SHI Jing-Pu;DING Qian;WANG Hai-Long;DONG Ling-Yue;SUN Di;FANG Kai;ZHAO Yan-Yan
 pp.294-298      Abstract   |   PDF 147KB
Cloning and Analysis of Human α-1B Glycoprotein Precursor Gene:A Novel Member of Human Immunoglobulin Superfamily
SUN Di;ZHAO Yan-Yan;DAI Shu-Ping;FANG Kai;DONG Ling-Yue;DING Qian
 pp.299-302      Abstract   |   PDF 118KB
Establishment of Permanent Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines of 47 Patients with Abnormal Chromosome Karyotype
LIAO Shi-Xiu;WANG Ying-Tai;YANG Yan-Li;LI Yi;HUANG Fei-Fei;HAO Bing-Tao;WANG Zhao-Cai;ZHU Wen-Yu;SI Yan-Mei;WANG Ya-Juan
 pp.303-306      Abstract   |   PDF 105KB
Pedigree Analysis of Captive Giant Panda
SHEN Fu-Jun;ZHANG Zhi-He;LI Guang-Han;ZHANG An-Ju
 pp.307-313      Abstract   |   PDF 158KB
The Studies of the Phylogeny of Acridoidea Based on mtDNA sequences
REN Zhu-Mei;MA En-Bo;GUO Ya-Ping
 pp.314-321      Abstract   |   PDF 264KB
Studies of Relationship Between the Melanocortin-3 Receptor Gene and Body Weight in Chicken for High and Low Weight Lines’Intercross
 pp.322-325      Abstract   |   PDF 129KB
Polymorphism of Porcine Myostatin Gene
LI Shao-Hua;XIONG Yuan-Zhu;ZHENG Rong;LI Ai-Yun;Deng Chang-Yan;JIANG Si-Wen;LEI Ming-Gang;WEN Ya-Qin;CAO Guo-Chun
 pp.326-331      Abstract   |   PDF 174KB
Detection and Analysis of QTL for Resistance to the Brown Planthopper,Nilaparvata lugens (Stal),in Rice (Oryza sativa L.),Using Backcross Inbred lines
SU Chang-Chao;CHENG Xia-Nian;ZHAI Hu-Qu;WAN Jian-Min
 pp.332-338      Abstract   |   PDF 213KB
Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Controlling F2 Sterility and Heading Date in Rice
WANG Chun-Ming;Hideshi Yasui;Atsushi Yoshimura;WAN Jian-Min;ZHAI Hu-Qu
 pp.339-342      Abstract   |   PDF 151KB
Molecular Markers and Its Clone for Salt Tolerance Gene in Wheat
WENG Yue-Jin;CHEN Dao-Ming
 pp.343-349      Abstract   |   PDF 188KB
Development of Triticum aestivum-Leymus racemosus Translocation Lines NAU601 and NAU618 and Their Test-cross Analysis with Double Ditelosomic
YANG Bao-Jun;DOU Quan-Wen;LIU Wen-Xuan;ZHOU Bo;CHEN Pei-Du
 pp.350-354      Abstract   |   PDF 754KB
Structural Changes of 4V Chromosome of Haynaldia villosa Induced by Gametocidal Chromosome 3C of Aegilops triuncialis
CHEN Quan-Zhan;QI Zeng-Jun;FENG Yi-Gao;WANG Su-Ling;CHEN Pei-Du
 pp.355-358      Abstract   |   PDF 669KB
The cDNA-AFLP Differential Display in Developing Anthers Between Cotton Male Sterile and Fertile Line of "Dong A"
HOU Lei;XIAO Yue-Hua;LI Xian-Bi;WANG Wen-Feng;LUO Xiao-Ying;PEI Yan
 pp.359-363      Abstract   |   PDF 157KB
Inheritance of Organelle Genomes of the Somatic Hybrid Between Cleopatra Mandarin(Citrus reticulata) and Flying Dragon(Poncirus trifoliata)
CHENG Yun-Jiang;GUO Wen-Wu;DENG Xiu-Xin
 pp.364-369      Abstract   |   PDF 182KB
Simultaneous Expression of CS3 Colonization Factor Antigen and LT-B/ST Fusion Enterotoxin Antigen of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli by Attenuated Salmonella typhimurium
XU Bing;ZHANG Zhao-Shan;LI Shu-Qin;SHU Dong;HUANG Cui-Fen
 pp.370-376      Abstract   |   PDF 261KB
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