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Table of Content
2002 Vol.29 Issue3 ,      10 March 2002
A Method for Constructing Reshaping Single-Domain Antibody
CHENG Ju-Long;WANG Xiang-Bin;ZHANG Zhong;LIU Jing;YAO Xin-Sheng;HUANG Hua-Liang
 pp.189-195      Abstract   |   PDF 410KB
Origins and Migrations of Bouyei People in China -Insights from Y Chromsome and Mitochondrion
LI Yong-Nian;ZUO Li;WEN Bo;KE Yue-Hai;HUANG Wei;JIN Li
 pp.196-200      Abstract   |   PDF 166KB
Polymorphic Loci and Polymorphism Analysis of Short Tandem Repeats Within XNP Gene
LIU Qi-Ji;GONG Yao-Qin;GUO Chen-Hong;CHEN Bing-Xi;LI Jiang-Xia;GUO Yi-Shou
 pp.201-205      Abstract   |   PDF 271KB
High Expression of Human FIX(hFLX) in Transgenic Mice Directed by Goat β-casein Gene Promoter
HUANG Zan;YAN Jing-Bin;HUANG Ying;SUN Qiong;XIAO Yan-Pingl;HUANG Ying;ZENG Yi-Tao
 pp.206-211      Abstract   |   PDF 601KB
Preparation of Meloidogyne javanica Near-isogenin Linesv Virulent and Avirulent Against the Tomato Resistance Gene Mi and Preliminary Analyses of the Genetic Variation Between the Two Lines
XU Jian-Hua;NARABU Takashi;LI Hong-Mei;FU Peng
 pp.212-216      Abstract   |   PDF 269KB
Induction of Non-disjunction of Chromosome 8 by Tripterygium hypoglaucum (Levl.) Hutch in Mouse Sperm
WANG Xiao-Yan;DING Yin-Run;WANG Xu
 pp.217-220      Abstract   |   PDF 217KB
Establishment of Segregating Inbred Strain of Yuyi Hairless Mice and Its Monitoring of Genetic Characteristics
ZHANG Jin-Tao;WANG Chun-Yao;KANG Qiao-Zhen;DU Xian-Tang;XUE Jing-Li
 pp.221-225      Abstract   |   PDF 260KB
Construction and Homologous Detection of a DNA Plasmid Library Specific for Z Chromosome of Quail
HUANG Lin;Yi Mei-Sheng;JI Fu-Yun;REN Li-Li;Qi-Xing
 pp.226-229      Abstract   |   PDF 297KB
Genetic Analysis and Molecular Tagging of a Gene for Non-palea in Rice
LUO Qiong;ZHOU Kai-Da;Liu Guo-Qing;Xu Ji-Chen;XIAO Han;ZHU Li-Huang
 pp.230-234      Abstract   |   PDF 382KB
Analysis of Gene Loci and Epistasls for Drought Tolerance in Seedling Stage of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
 pp.235-240      Abstract   |   PDF 222KB
Physical Mapping of the 45S rDNA and 5S rDNA to Rice Prometaphase Chromosome
GONG Zhi-Yun;WU Hsin-Kan;CHENG Zhu-Kuan;GU Ming-Hong
 pp.241-244      Abstract   |   PDF 370KB
Identification of Molecular Markers Associated with Rice Root Traits by Correlation Coefficient Analysis
XU Ji-Chen;ZOU Liang-Xing
 pp.245-249      Abstract   |   PDF 284KB
Genetic Variation of Main Restorer Lines of Hybrid Rice in China was Revealed by Microsatellite Microsatellite Markers
DUAN Shi-Hua;MAO Jia-Ning;ZHU Ying-Guo
 pp.250-254      Abstract   |   PDF 395KB
Identification of Blue Grained Wheat and Its Irradiation-mutated Offsprings by Genomic in situ Hybridization (GISH)
YANG Guo-Hua;LI Bin;LIU Jian-Zhong;YING Jia;MU Su-Mei;ZHOU Han-Ping;LI Zhen-Sheng
 pp.255-259      Abstract   |   PDF 588KB
Factors Affecting Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated Transformation of Wheat(Triticum aestivum L.)
WANG Yong-Qin;XIAO Xing-Guo;ZHANG Ai-Min
 pp.260-265      Abstract   |   PDF 659KB
Molecular Cloning,Characterization and Mapping of a Rhodanese Like Gene in Wheat
NIU Ji-Shan;YU Ling;MA Zheng-Qiang;CHEN Pei-Du;LIU Da-Jun
 pp.266-272      Abstract   |   PDF 499KB
Construction of Physical Map and Polymorphism Analysis of mtDNA Region R from Mo17CMS-J of Maize
ZHANG Chi;ZHANG Fang-Dong;ZHENG Yong-Lian
 pp.273-277      Abstract   |   PDF 306KB
Cloning and Characterization of Cuticle Degrading Enzyme CDEP-1 from Beauveria bassiana
FANG Wei-Guo;ZHANG Yong-Jun;YANG Xing-Yong;WANG Zhong-Kang;PEI Yan
 pp.278-282      Abstract   |   PDF 252KB
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