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Table of Content
2002 Vol.29 Issue2 ,      10 February 2002
The Polymorphism or Four Y-STR Loci and Its Application in Forensic Medicine
ZHENG Xiu-Fen;CHENG Jun-Feng;YE Jian;ZHU Shao-Jian
 pp.95-100      Abstract   |   PDF 154KB
Theoretical Studies of QTL Analysis of Complex Genetic Diseases in Humans
HU Zhong-Li;DONG Wei-Guo;SONG Yun-Chun
 pp.101-104      Abstract   |   PDF 107KB
Cloning and Sequencing of Junction Fragment with Exon 51 Deletion of Dystrophin Gene
PAN Su-Yue;ZHANG Li;LIU Zuo-Lin;CHEN Guo-Jun;LU Xi-Lin
 pp.105-110      Abstract   |   PDF 223KB
Relationship of Growth Hormone (GH2) Genotypes with some Porduction Performances in Pig
WANG Wen-Jun;CHEN Ke-Fei;REN Jun;DING Neng-Shui;LIN Wan-Hua;GAO Jun;AI Hua-Shui;HUANG Lu-Sheng
 pp.111-114      Abstract   |   PDF 126KB
Cloning and Seqencing of Fatty Acid Binding Proteins Gene in Chicken
WANG Qi-Gui;LI Ning;DENG Xue-Mei;GU Zhi-Liang;LIU Zhao-Liang;LI Hui;CHEN Zhi-Qiang;LIAN Zheng-Xing;WU Chang-Xin
 pp.115-118      Abstract   |   PDF 147KB
Studies of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of PPAR Gene and Its Associations with Fattiness Trait in Chicken
MENG He;WANG Gui-Hua;WANG Qi-Gui;ZHAO Jian-Guo;GU Zhi-Liang;WANG Yu-Xiang;LI Hui
 pp.119-123      Abstract   |   PDF 138KB
Comparative Chromosome Painting Shows the Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) Has A Highly Conserved Karyotype
TIAN Ying;NIE Wen-Hui;WANG Jin-Huan;YANG Yun-Fei;YANG Feng-Tang
 pp.124-127      Abstract   |   PDF 201KB
Introduction of Foreign DNA into the Genome of Rare Minnow by Sperm Electroporation
ZHONG Jia-Yu;MAO Wei-Feng;ZHU Zuo-Yan
 pp.128-132      Abstract   |   PDF 157KB
Comparative Allozyme Analysis of Severel Grasshopper Species
QIAO Hai-Xuan;DUAN Yi-Hao;MA En-Bo;HAN-Yan
 pp.133-137      Abstract   |   PDF 164KB
Identifiation of a Resistance Gene to Bacterial Blight (Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae)
GAO Dong-Ying;XU Zhi-Gang;CHEN Zhi-Yi;SUN Qi-Ming;LU Fan;HU Bai-Shi;LIU Yong-Feng
 pp.138-143      Abstract   |   PDF 153KB
Genetic Analysis of the Panicle Traits Related to Yield Sink Size of Rice
CUI Ke-Hui;PENG Shao-Bing;XING Yong-Zhong;YU Si-Bin;XU Cai-Guo
 pp.144-152      Abstract   |   PDF 245KB
Homoeologous Grouping of R. Kamoji Chromosomes Introduced in Wheat Using RFLP Molecular Marks
WAN Ping;WANG Su-Ling;CHEN Pei-Du;MA Zheng-Qiang;LIU Da-Jun
 pp.153-160      Abstract   |   PDF 304KB
Cloning and Characterozation of D-113 Gene Promoter from Cotton
LUO Ke-Ming;GUO Yu-Long;XIAO Yue-Hua;HOU Lei;PEI Yan
 pp.161-165      Abstract   |   PDF 282KB
Growth and Differentiation of Transgenic Callus Regulated by Phytohormones and Antibiotics in Transformation of Loblolly Pine
TANG Wei;LUO Xiao-Yan;Vanessa Samuels
 pp.166-174      Abstract   |   PDF 331KB
Screening and Detecting of Proteins Interaction with Kyot
LI Rong;WANG Ji-Shu. SUN Qiang;WANG Jian. YANG Xi;HUANG Hong-Yan;ZHOU Peng;HAN Hua
 pp.175-180      Abstract   |   PDF 206KB
A Study of the Effects on the Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation of Sinorhizobium fredii with the Introduction of dctABD and nifA Genes
LI You-Guo;ZHOU Jun-Chu
 pp.181-188      Abstract   |   PDF 232KB
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