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Table of Content
2002 Vol.29 Issue10 ,      10 October 2002
Association of CYP2E1 and PON2311 Polymorphisms in Neonates with Pretern
LIANG Hong-Ye;WU Bai-Yan;CHEN Da-Fang;YANG Fan;HU Hai-Yan;CHEN Li;XU Xi-Ping
 pp.847-853      Abstract   |   PDF 208KB
Genetic Polymorphism of Six STR Loci in the Han Population in Henan Province
SI Yan-Mei;HAO Bing-Tao;LI Yi;WANG Ying-Tai;ZHU Wen-Yu;YANG Yan-Li;LIAO Shi-Xiu;HUANG Fei-Fei;WANG Zhao-Cai
 pp.854-859      Abstract   |   PDF 235KB
Establishment of Mouse ZF-12+/- Embryonic Stem Cells
LI Jian-Zhong;YANG Hua;FU Ji-Liang;
 pp.860-864      Abstract   |   PDF 266KB
The Cloning and Expression of a Novel Mouse Gene mLPTS and Its Subcellular Localization
LIAO Cheng;ZHAO Mu-Jun;LI Zai-Ping
 pp.865-870      Abstract   |   PDF 275KB
Isolation, Locailzation and Expression of a Novel Expressed Sequence Tag from Pig Skeletal Muscular Tissue
PAN Pei-Wen;ZHAO Shu-Hong;YU Mei;LIU Bang;XIONG Tong-An;LI Kui
 pp.871-874      Abstract   |   PDF 175KB
Analysis and Mapping of Homologous Sequences of Barley Disease Resistance Gene Mlo and Maize Disease Resistance Gene Hm1 in Rice
LIU Wei-Dong;WANG Shi-Ping
 pp.875-879      Abstract   |   PDF 213KB
Genetic Mapping of T-DNA Integration Sites in Xa21 Transgenic Rice
ZHU Xue-Feng;CHEN Xue-Wei;LI Xiao-Bing;QIAN Qian;HUANG Da-Nian;ZHU Li-Huang;ZHAI Wen-Xue
 pp.880-886      Abstract   |   PDF 225KB
Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles During Host-Magnaporthe grisa Interactions in a Pair of Near Isogenic Lines of Rice
RAO Zhi-Ming;DONG Hai-Tao;ZHUANG Jie-Yun;CHAI Rong-Yao;FAN Ye-Yang;LI De-Bao;ZHENG Kang-Le
 pp.887-893      Abstract   |   PDF 226KB
Construction and Analysis of Near-isogenic Line Derived from Wheat Cultivar Sumai 3
ZHAO Han;CHEN Pei-Du;ZHAO Yin-Huai;MA Zheng-Qiang;LIU Da-Jun
 pp.894-898      Abstract   |   PDF 150KB
Studies of the Relationshop Between the Breeding Efficiency of Anther Culture and the USE of Different Hybrid Generations as Anther-donor Plants in Wheat
WANG Cheng-She;LI Jing-Qi;ZOU Shu-Fang;YAN Wen-Xian;YANG Jin-Rong;LIU Jun;HUANG Xiao-Gang
 pp.899-902      Abstract   |   PDF 117KB
Inheritance of Resistance to Southern Corn Rust in the Inbred Line Qi319
CHEN Cui-Xia;YANG Dian-Er;WANG Zhen-Lin;JIN De-Min;WANG Hong-Cang;WANG Bin
 pp.903-906      Abstract   |   PDF 181KB
Sequence Variation of the Chloroplast Gene ndh D Region in Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Sorghum
FAN Chang-Fa;SUN Chun-Yun;GUO Xiao-Cai;ZHANG Fu-Yao;SUN Yi;NIU Tian-Tang;JIA Jing-Fen
 pp.907-914      Abstract   |   PDF 431KB
Analysis of the Inter-species Relationships on Lycoris (Amaryllidaceae) by Use of RAPD
ZHANG Lu;CAI You-Ming;ZHUGE Qiang;LOU Lu-Huan;ZOU Hui-Yu;HUANG Min-Ren;WANG Ming-Xiu
 pp.915-921      Abstract   |   PDF 246KB
Specific Molecular Markers of the Rust Resistance Gene M4 in Flax
BO Tian-Yue;YE Hua-Zhi;WANG Shi-Quan;YANG Jian-Chun;LI Xiao-Bing;ZHAI Wen-Xue
 pp.922-927      Abstract   |   PDF 365KB
Quantitative Genetic Analysis and Multiple Trait Selection of Pharmaceutical Composition on Ginkgo biloba L.Leaves
XING Shi-Yan;WU De-Jun;XING Li-Feng;YOU Xiang-Liang;ZHANG You-Peng;SUN Xia;LIU Yuan-Qian
 pp.928-935      Abstract   |   PDF 367KB
Analysis of Gene Cluster of Tat-dependent Protein Export System of Vibrio cholerae and Its Function
ZHANG Li-Juan;GAO Shou-Yi;JING Huai-Qi;KAN Biao;QI Guo-Ming;LIU Yan-Qing;WU Long-Fei;XU Jian-Guo;
 pp.936-940      Abstract   |   PDF 246KB
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