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Table of Content
2001 Vol.28 Issue9 ,      10 September 2001
Quantitative Detection of HER-2 Oncogene Amplification in Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Dual FISH Technique and Its Clinical Significance
 pp.793-800      Abstract   |   PDF 323KB
Genetic Analysis of Important Growth Trait Based on F-2 Resource Population in Chicken
DENG Xue-Mei;LI Jun-Ying;LI Ning;WU Chang-Xin
 pp.801-807      Abstract   |   PDF 243KB
Expression Pattern of mRNA for Follistatin and Inhibin/Activin βB-subunit During Follicular and Testicular Development in Duck
FU Yan;NIU Dong;RUAN Hui;YU Xu-Ping;CHEN Gong;HE Guo-Qing;YANG Pei-Xin
 pp.808-815      Abstract   |   PDF 701KB
The Specific Labelling of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
HAN Rong;SU Ping;SHANG Ke-Gang
 pp.816-821      Abstract   |   PDF 349KB
Detection of Cre Recombinase Activity in Mx-Cre Transgenic Mice Induced by INF in vitro
ZI Xiao-Yuan;YAO Yu-Cheng;XIONG Jun;LI Jian-Xiu;YAN Yong-Bi;YU Hong-Yu;HU Yi-Ping
 pp.822-826      Abstract   |   PDF 273KB
Localization and Position Effect of Human APPSWE Gene on Transgenic Mice by Means of in situ Fluorescence Hybridization
LIU Wei;LU Guang-Xiu
 pp.827-831      Abstract   |   PDF 313KB
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of 5’Fragment of Hoxa-11 Gene in Latimeria chalumnae
XUE Liang-Yi;QIAN Kai-Xian
 pp.832-839      Abstract   |   PDF 275KB
Analysis on Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of Porcine Myostatin Gene in Different Breeds
JIANG Yun-Liang;LI Ning;WU Chang-Xin;DU Li-Xin
 pp.840-845      Abstract   |   PDF 387KB
Genetic Analysis of cry1Ab Gene of Bt Rice
WANG Zhong-Hua;WU Gang;CUI Hai-Rui;Illimar Altosaar;XIA Ying-Wu;SHU Qing-Yao
 pp.846-851      Abstract   |   PDF 435KB
Detection of the Wheat Salt-tolerant-mutant Using PCR-SSCP Combining with Direct Sequenceing
WANG Cui-Ting;HUANG Zhan-Jing;HE Cong-Fen;BI Cai-Li;SHEN Yin-Zhu
 pp.852-855      Abstract   |   PDF 259KB
Application of Molecular Markers-assisted Selection of wx Genes in Breeding the waxy Wheat
LIANG Rong-Qi;ZHANG Yi-Rong;LIU Shou-Bin;LI Bao-Yun;GU Dan;TANG Zhao-Hui;LIU Guang-Tian
 pp.856-863      Abstract   |   PDF 737KB
Chromosomal Location and Molecular Marker of Resistance Gene to Puccinia striiformis West.in Leymus mollis Trin.Hara
ZHOU Yan-Chen;ZHANG Xiang-Qi;WANG Xian-Ping;WU Li-Ren;ZHOU Wen-Juan;ZHANG Wen-Jun;JING Jian-Kang
 pp.864-869      Abstract   |   PDF 315KB
Construction of Genetic Map in Sorghum and Fine Mapping of the Germination Stimulant Production Gene Response to Striga asiatica
XU Ji-Chen;Yohan M;Weerasuriya;Jeffery L.Bennetzen
 pp.870-876      Abstract   |   PDF 302KB
Genetic Analysis of T1 Progeny of Transgenic Tobacco with Metallothionein Gene and Metallothionein Domain Mutant aa Gene
ZHANG Xiao-Yu;ZUO Xiao-Feng;SHAN Long;RU Bing-Gen
 pp.877-883      Abstract   |   PDF 617KB
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