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Table of Content
2001 Vol.28 Issue8 ,      10 August 2001
Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Variations of Shui Ethnic Group
YU Yue-Sheng;YAO Yong-Gang;KONG Qing-Peng;RONG Ju-Quan;LUO Zai-Gang;REN Guang-Xiang;ZHANG Ya-Ping
 pp.691-698      Abstract   |   PDF 315KB
Genetic Relation ships Among Six Chinese Populations Revealed by Analysis of 30 Autosomal STRs
YU Jian-Kun;CHU Jia-You;QIAN Ya-Ping;SUN Hao;SHI Lei;SHI Li;CHU Zheng-Tao;YANG Zhao-Qing;LIN Ke-Qin;TAO Yu-Fen;HUANG Wei;JIN Li
 pp.699-706      Abstract   |   PDF 292KB
cDNA Cloning and mRNA Expression Pattern in Follicles of the Mature Inhibin a Subunit from Xianju Chicken
FU Yan;NIU Dong;RUAN Hui;YU Xu-Ping;CHEN Gong;HE Guo-Qing;YANG Pei-Xin
 pp.707-715      Abstract   |   PDF 580KB
Production of Transgenic Lamb Integrated with Modified Human Anti-trypsin Gene
LIAN Zheng-Xing;ZHANG Lei;LIU Zhao-Liang;PAN Qiu-Zhen;SONG Chun-Yun;DING Xiang;DAI Yun-Ping;LI Ning;WU Chang-Xin;LIU Yun-Hai;AO Hong;SHANG Jiang-Hua;CHEN Ying;TIAN Xiong-Jie;HAN Bin;CHANG Ji-Hua;LI Zh
 pp.716-721      Abstract   |   PDF 319KB
Association of Parameters of Crossbreeding Effect for Traits of Growth and Meat-production with Average Band-Sharing of RAPD Markers in Commercial Crosses of Duroc,Landrace and Large White Pigs
SHI Qi-Shun;LIU Xiao-Chun;WU Xiao-Lin
 pp.722-729      Abstract   |   PDF 379KB
Improved Electrophoretical Analyses for Rive Seed
QU Le-Qing;Hikaru SATOH;Masahiro OGAWA;WEI Xiao-Li
 pp.730-737      Abstract   |   PDF 613KB
The Comparison of Genetic Divergences and Its Relationships to Heterosis Revealed by SSR and RFLP Markers in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
ZHU Zuo-Feng;SUN Chuan-Qing;JIANG Ting-Bo;FU Qiang;WANG Xiang-Kun
 pp.738-745      Abstract   |   PDF 299KB
QTL Analysis of Anther Length and Ratio of Stigma Exsertion,Two Key Traits of Classification for Cultivated Rice (Oryza sativa L.) and Common Wild Rice (O.rufipogon Griff.)
LI Chen;SUN Chuan-Qing;MU Ping;CHEN Liang;WANG Xiang-Kun
 pp.746-751      Abstract   |   PDF 204KB
QTL Dissection of Panicle Number Per Plant and Spikelet Number Per Panicle in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
XU Jian-Long;XUE Qing-Zhong;LUO Li-Jun;LI Zhi-Kang
 pp.752-759      Abstract   |   PDF 285KB
Cloning and Characterization of Pathogenesis-related Protein 1 from Wheat-H.villosa Translocation Lines
CHEN Pei-Du;LIU Da-Jun
 pp.760-768      Abstract   |   PDF 483KB
Genetic Structure and Intraspecific Genetic Polymorphisms in Natural Populations of Psathyrostachys huashanica
LIU Zhan-Lin;LI Shan;YAN Gui-Qin;SONG Yi;ZHAO Gui-Fang
 pp.769-777      Abstract   |   PDF 333KB
Construction of a Genetic Map and Location of Quantitative Trait Loci for Yield Component Traits in Maize by SSR Markers
XIANG Dao-Quan;CAO Hai-He;CAO Yong-Guo;YANG Jun-Pin;HUANG Lie-Jian;WANG Shou-Cai;DAI Jing-Rui
 pp.778-784      Abstract   |   PDF 341KB
λN Gene Expression Regulated by the Leader Sequence
HU Qi-Rui;HAN Bian-Mei;LI Mu-Yang;GUO Li-Hai;ZHAO Rong-Le;WENG Man-Li
 pp.785-792      Abstract   |   PDF 286KB
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