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Table of Content
2001 Vol.28 Issue7 ,      10 July 2001
Detection of Numerical Chromosome Aberrations in Sperm of Workers Exposed to Benzene Series by Two-color Fluorescence in situ Hybridization
 pp.589-594      Abstract   |   PDF 245KB
Analysis of Association Between Gene Polymorphisms of Microsomal Epoxide Hydrolase (EPHX1) and Infant Birthweight
WY Di;ZHANG Xiu-Qing;YANG Fan;HONG Xiu-Mei;JU Fei;CHEN Da-Fang
 pp.595-600      Abstract   |   PDF 325KB
Synergistic Effect of the Expression of P16INK4 Gene and Retinoblastoma Gene in Lung Cancer
CAO Xiang-Rong;ZHANG Xi-Ran;SU Chang-Qing
 pp.601-605      Abstract   |   PDF 268KB
Studies of Genetic Diversity of Zhejiang Native Chicken Breeds
FU Yan;NIU Dong;RUAN Hui;LUO Jing;CHEN Gong;YU Xu-Ping;ZHANG Ya-Ping
 pp.606-613      Abstract   |   PDF 261KB
Cloning and Sequencing of Prolactin Gene cDNA in Three Chicken Breeds
ZHOU Min;ZHANG Xi-Quan;SHI Zhen-Dan;CAO Yong-Chang
 pp.614-620      Abstract   |   PDF 263KB
Studies of the Corelation Between Fragile Sites and Giant Panda’s Breeding Problem
WANG Xiao-Jing;WANG Xiao-Xing;TAN Yan-Fei;WANG Ya-Jun;WANG Xi-Zhong;CHEN Hong-Wei;HE Guang-Xin;FEI Li-Song
 pp.621-627      Abstract   |   PDF 355KB
Genetic Analysis of Dominant Earliness of Rice Genic Male Sterile Line 6442S-7
DENG Xiao-Jian;ZHOU Kai-Da;LI Ren-Duan;LI Ping;HUANG Guo-Shou;CHUN Ze
 pp.628-634      Abstract   |   PDF 262KB
Evolution Study of Wheat(Tritium aestivum L.)A,B and D Genome Based on DNA Sequence Similarity
YU Bo-Lan;HUANG Zhao-Feng;ZHOU Wen-Juan;ZHANG Wen-Jun
 pp.635-639      Abstract   |   PDF 295KB
Pyramiding and Marker-assisted Selection for Powdery Mildew Resistance Genes in Common Wheat
WANG Xin-Yu;CHEN Pei-Du;ZHANG Shou-Zhong
 pp.640-646      Abstract   |   PDF 646KB
The Cytogenetical Studies of Fertility Restoration of Some Male Sterile Lines of Alloplasmic Wheat
QIAO Li-Xian;ZHANG Gai-Sheng;WANG Xiao-Li;LIU Hong-Wei;WANG Jun-Wei
 pp.647-654      Abstract   |   PDF 350KB
Distribution of Donor Genome Composition and Its Application in Marker Aided Backcrossing
JINAG Chang-Jian;MO Hui-Dong
 pp.655-662      Abstract   |   PDF 256KB
Application of Isonucleus and Isocytoplasmic Lines in the Study of Maize CMS
YANG Dian-Er;WANG Yue-Guang;JIN De-Min;CHEN Cui-Xia;WANG Bin
 pp.663-667      Abstract   |   PDF 311KB
Investigation of Different Dosages of Inserted Bt Genes and Their Insect-resistance in Transgenic Bt Cotton
GUO Wang-Zhen;SUN Jing;GUO Yu-Fang;ZHANG Tian-Zhen
 pp.668-676      Abstract   |   PDF 312KB
An AFLP Marker Related to Fibrogenesis in Upland Cotton(Gossypium hirsuturm L.)
LUO Ming;LI Ming-Yang;HOU Lei;XIAO Yue-Hua;ZHANG Zheng-Sheng;PEI Yan;JI Dao-Fan
 pp.677-682      Abstract   |   PDF 582KB
Gentic Diversity Evaluation of Cultivars(G.hirsumtum L.)from the Changjiang River Valley and Tellow River Valley by RAPD Markers
XU Qiu-Hua;ZHANG Xian-Long;NIE Yi-Chun
 pp.683-690      Abstract   |   PDF 446KB
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