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Table of Content
2001 Vol.28 Issue5 ,      10 May 2001
Genetic Diversity of Rh Haplotypes Among Chinese Populations
JIA Xu-Ming;WANG Li;HAO Lu-Ping;JIN Feng
 pp.385-397      Abstract   |   PDF 496KB
Chromogranin A Gene Antisense Transgenic Mice and the Tissue Specific Promoter of Chromogranin A Gene
SUN Zi-Qing;WU He-Ling
 pp.398-404      Abstract   |   PDF 342KB
Bovine a-s1-casein Gene Sequences Direct Expression of a Variant of Human Tissue Plasminogen Activator in the Milk of Transgenic Mice
TAN Xiao-Hong;CHENG Xuan;ZHOU Jiang;CHEN Hong-Xing;LIN Fu-Yu;DENG Ji-Xian;YANG Xiao;HUANG Pei-Tang
 pp.405-410      Abstract   |   PDF 256KB
Studies of the Origin of Chinese Domestic Fowls
FU Yan;NIU Dong;LUO Jing;RUAN Hui;HE Guo-Qing;ZHANG Ya-Ping
 pp.411-417      Abstract   |   PDF 363KB
Estimation of Phenotypic and Genetic Parameters for Birth Type and Number of Lambs Born Alive in Hu Sheep
CHU Ming-Xing;WANG Xiu-Li
 pp.418-423      Abstract   |   PDF 199KB
Mutations of Genes Affecting Heart Development of Drosophila
LI Dong-Ling;DAI Qi;YUAN Wu-Zhou;WU Xiu-Shan;LI Min
 pp.424-432      Abstract   |   PDF 376KB
QTL Mapping of the Root Traits in Rice Seedling
XU Ji-Chen;LI Jing-Zhao;ZHENG Xian-Wu;ZOU Liang-Xing;ZHU Li-Huang
 pp.433-438      Abstract   |   PDF 251KB
Analysis of QTL×Environment Interaction for Rice Panicle Characteristics
XING Yong-Zhong;XU Cai-Guo;HUA Jin-Ping;TAN Yi-Fang
 pp.439-446      Abstract   |   PDF 310KB
Re-analysis of Wide Compatibility in Rice
LIANG Guo-Hua;YAN Chang-Jie;YI Chuan-Deng
 pp.447-457      Abstract   |   PDF 433KB
Comparison of the Detection of QTL for Yield Traits in Deifferent Generations of a Rice Cross Using Two Mapping Approaches
ZHUANG Jie-Yun;FAN Ye-Yang;WU Jian-Li;XIA Ying-Wu;ZHENG Kang-Le
 pp.458-464      Abstract   |   PDF 248KB
Molecular Identification and Mapping of a Maize Gene(Rf3)in S-type CMS Using AFLP,RFLP and SCAR Techniques
WANG Ze-Li;WANG Lu-Xin;DAI Jing-Rui;WANG Bin;LI Xin-Zheng
 pp.465-470      Abstract   |   PDF 284KB
Studies of the Inheritance of Seed Qualities and the Exploitation of F2 Heterosis in Low Gossypol Strains in Upland Cotton
YUAN You-Lu;ZHANG Tian-Zhen;JING Shen-Rong;PAN Jia-Ju;XING Chao-Zhu;GUO Li-Ping;TANG Can-Ming
 pp.471-481      Abstract   |   PDF 347KB
Expression of Trial in Mammalian Cell and Its Apoptosis Activation in Culture Cells
YAO Yu-Cheng;WANG Xin-Min;HU Yi-Ping
 pp.482-486      Abstract   |   PDF 245KB
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