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Table of Content
2001 Vol.28 Issue3 ,      10 March 2001
A New Melanoma Antigen-encoding Gene Subfamily in Human Chromosome X
ZHANG Cheng-Gang;XING Gui-Chun;WEI Han-Dong;YU Yong-Tao;HE Fu-Chu
 pp.197-203      Abstract   |   PDF 278KB
Molecular Evolution of the Thr-Gly Region of the period Gene in Drosophila and Some Dipterans
ZHENG Xiang-Zhong;HE Li-Ping;GENG Zhen-Cheng;ZHANG Ya-Ping
 pp.204-210      Abstract   |   PDF 273KB
Actin is Located in the Nucleus and Nuclear Matrix of Hela Cells
 pp.211-216      Abstract   |   PDF 239KB
Protein Databank for Several Tissues Derived from Five Instar of Silkworm
ZHONG Bo-Xiong
 pp.217-224      Abstract   |   PDF 368KB
PCR-SSCP and Sequencing Analysis on 5’ Terminal Region of mtDNA Control Region in Sheep
ZHAO Xing-Bo;CHU Ming-Xing;LI Ning;GONG Guo-Chun;WU Chang-Xin
 pp.225-228      Abstract   |   PDF 246KB
New Rice Mutants Lacking Glutelin a-1 Subunit
QU Le-Qing;WEI Xiao-Li;Hikaru SATOH;Toshihiro;KUMAMARU;Masahiro OGAWA;JIA Xu
 pp.229-235      Abstract   |   PDF 398KB
Construcation of A Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) Conting Encompassing the Bacterial Blight Resistance Gene Xa4 Locus in Rice
JIANG Guang-Huai;WANG Wen-Ming;XIE Bing;ZHAI Wen-Xue;LU Run-Long;ZHU Li-Huang
 pp.236-243      Abstract   |   PDF 446KB
Analyses of Population Genetic Structure by Using Dominant Markers
QIAN Wei;GE Song
 pp.244-255      Abstract   |   PDF 480KB
Relationship Between Differential Expression Patterns of Multigene Families and Heterosis in a Wheat Diallel Crosses
WU Li-Min;NI Zhong-Fu;WANG Zhang-Kui;LIN Zhan;SUN Qi-Xin
 pp.256-266      Abstract   |   PDF 628KB
Development and Identification of T. aestivum-S.cereale-H.villosa Double Translocation Line 1RS.1BL,6VS.6AL via Chromosome C-banding and Dual Color FISH
QI Zeng-Jun;LIU Da-Jun;CHEN Pei-Du
 pp.267-273      Abstract   |   PDF 369KB
Development of Laboratory Sequence Analysis Software Based on WWW and UNIX
HUANG Yi;GU Jian-Ren
 pp.274-277      Abstract   |   PDF 290KB
Effects of Pro229→Ser and Glu234→Gly on the Characters of Thermostable Catechol 2,3-dioxygenase
JIANG Tao;JI Chao-Neng;SHENG Xiao-Yu;MAO Yu-Min
 pp.278-284      Abstract   |   PDF 240KB
Cloning and Expression of nisZ Gene in Lactococcus lactis
CHEN Xiu-Zhu;HU Hai-Jing;YANG Wei;HUANG Lian-Dong
 pp.285-290      Abstract   |   PDF 553KB
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