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Table of Content
2001 Vol.28 Issue2 ,      10 February 2001
Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Variations of Zhuang Ethnic Group in Guangxi
YUAN Zhi-Gang;YAO Yong-Gang;MA Zhi-Xiong;PANG Qi-Ping;JIE Yan-Rong;MA Jun;ZHANG Ya-Ping
 pp.95-102      Abstract   |   PDF 291KB
Primed in situ Labelling of Human Metaphase Chromosomes
GUO Yi-Qing;CHENG Han-Hua;HUANG Xiao;ZHOU Rong-Jia
 pp.103-106      Abstract   |   PDF 183KB
Analysis of HLA-DQB1 Polymorphism by PCR-SSO in Yichu of Yunnan Province
CHEN Wei-Min;HUANG Hong-Lian;LIU Ze-Huang;TAO Hong;PAN De-Jing;LIN Jiang-Hai;XU An-Long
 pp.107-114      Abstract   |   PDF 293KB
The Study of Genetic Variability of mtDNA in Common Laboratory Inbred Strains of Mice
DAI Ji-Gang;WEI Hong;XIAO Ying-Bin
 pp.115-119      Abstract   |   PDF 304KB
Construction of A Deep Coverage Rice BAC Library and Identification of Clones Associated with Disease-resistant Genes
WANG Wen-Ming;JIANG Guang-Huai;WANG Shi-Quan;ZHU Li-Huang;ZHAI Wen-Xue
 pp.120-128      Abstract   |   PDF 529KB
Mapping Genes for Rice CMS-WA Fertility Restoration
ZHUANG Jie-Yun;FAN Ye-Yang;WU Jian-Li;RAO Zhi-Ming;XIA Ying-Wu;ZHENG Kang-Le
 pp.129-134      Abstract   |   PDF 226KB
QTL Analysis for Epistatic Effects and QTL Environment Interaction Effects on Final Height of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
CAO Gang-Qiang;ZHU Jun;HE Ci-Xin;GAO Yong-Ming;WU Ping
 pp.135-143      Abstract   |   PDF 308KB
Differential Accumulation of the New High-affinity Phosphate Transporter Candidated Gene Fragment in Rice Roots in Response to Phosphorus Deficiency Stress
YU Fu-Tong;ZHANG Ai-Min;CHEN Shou-Yi;ZHANG Fu-Suo
 pp.144-151      Abstract   |   PDF 358KB
Genetic Analysis and Gene Deduction of Powdery Mildew Resistance in T.durum-Ae.squarrosa Amphidiploids
HU Ying-Kao;XIN Zhi-Yong;CHEN Xiao;ZHANG Zeng-Yang;DUAN Xia-Yu
 pp.152-157      Abstract   |   PDF 215KB
RAPD Analysis of the Genome Evolution in Allopolyploid Species in Aegilops
CAI Cong-Li;WANG Jian-Bo;JING Run-Chun;ZHU Ying-Guo
 pp.158-165      Abstract   |   PDF 316KB
Comparative Studies of Mitochondrial DNA of T-type Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Lines and Their Maintainers in Wheat
QIU Yan-Guang;SHEN Yin-Zhu;HUANG Zhan-Jing;ZHAO Bao-Cun;HE Cong-Fen;BI Cai-Li
 pp.166-170      Abstract   |   PDF 262KB
Microsatellite Marker Analysis of A Soybean Recombinant Inbred Line NJRIKY
HE Chao-Ying;ZHANG Zhi-Yong;WANG Yong-Jun;ZHENG Xian-Wu;YU De-Yue;CHEN Shou-Yi;GAI Jun-Yi
 pp.171-181      Abstract   |   PDF 476KB
Major Gene Plus Poly-gene Inheritance of Erucic Acid Content in Broassica napus L.
QI Cun-Kou;CAI Jun-Yi;ZHANG Yuan-Ming
 pp.182-187      Abstract   |   PDF 247KB
Cloning and Function of sanJ-a Gene Involved in Nikkomycins Biosynthesis of Streptomyces ansochromogenes
NIE Li-Ping;TIAN Yu-Qing;TAN Hua-Rong
 pp.188-195      Abstract   |   PDF 409KB
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