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Table of Content
2001 Vol.28 Issue12 ,      10 December 2001
Distribution of MICA Microsatellite in 13 Population Groups of China
BAN Gui-Hong;CHU Jia-You;XU Shao-Bin;YANG Zhao-Qing;QIAN Ya-Ping;YU Jian-Kun;NA Jian-Bo;LIU Xiao-Juan
 pp.1085-1092      Abstract   |   PDF 268KB
Genotype and Allele Frequency of the 27-bp Tandem Repeat Polymorphism in the Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene in Chinese Population
LU Ping;LU Xing;XING Rui-Yun;SUN Qi-Yun;HAN Li;WU Su-Hua;LAN Hong;ZHENG Xiao-Fei
 pp.1093-1097      Abstract   |   PDF 226KB
Studies of mtDNA Haplotype Polymorphism of Rongcheng Population in China
WANG Jin-Feng;WANG Li;ZHANG Duan-Yang;YIN Chang-Cheng;JIN Feng
 pp.1098-1106      Abstract   |   PDF 314KB
HLA-DRB1 Gene Polymorphism of Naxi Ethnic Group of Yunnan Province,China and Its Ethnological Evolution Analysis
JIA Zong-Jian;PAN De-Jing;FU Yong-Gui;CHEN Wei-Min;LIU Ze-Huan;LIN Jiang-Hai;ZHU Yu-Fang;CHEN Rong-Xiang;FU Zhi-Yan;ZHOU Da-Ming;XU An-Long
 pp.1107-1115      Abstract   |   PDF 330KB
The Presentation of neo Gene in Chimeric Mice Obtained from ES Cells
YAO Yu-Cheng;XIONG Jun;WANG Xin-Min;LI Jian-Xiu;HU Yi-Ping
 pp.1116-1119      Abstract   |   PDF 222KB
Molecular Phylogenetics Relationship Between Six Chinese Native Pig Breeds and Three Swedish Pig Breeds from Mitochondrial DNA
JIANG Si-Wen;Elisabetta Giuffra;Leif Andersson;XIONG Yuan-Zhu
 pp.1120-1128      Abstract   |   PDF 332KB
Effects of Activin and Follistatin on FSH Receptor mRNA Expression of Cultured Shao Duck Granulosa Cells
FU Yan;NIU Dong;RUAN Hui;YU Xu-Ping;CHEN Gong;HE Guo-Qing
 pp.1129-1136      Abstract   |   PDF 499KB
Transgenic Loach Produced by Using Sperm Cells Mediated by High Molecules
YANG Kai;CHENG Han-Hua;GUO Yi-Qing;ZHOU Rong-Jia
 pp.1137-1141      Abstract   |   PDF 222KB
RFLP Analysis of Wheat-L.racemosus Translocation Lines
WANG Xiu-E;CHEN Pei-Du;ZHOU Bo;YUAN Jian-Hua;LIU Wen-Xuan;B S Gill;LIU Da-Jun
 pp.1142-1150      Abstract   |   PDF 681KB
Molecular Tagging and Mapping of QTLs for Super Quality Fiber Properties in Upland Cotton
YUAN You-Lu;ZHANG Tian-Zhen;GUO Wang-Zhen;SHEN Xin-Lian;JOHN Yu;Russell J Kohel
 pp.1151-1161      Abstract   |   PDF 457KB
Primary Analysis and Sequencing the Hemolytic Relative Gene of Edwardsiella tarda
GAO Da-Qing;KAN Biao;LU Cheng-Ping;LIU Yan-Qing;WU Shou-Yi
 pp.1162-1167      Abstract   |   PDF 292KB
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