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Table of Content
2001 Vol.28 Issue11 ,      10 November 2001
Genetic Polymorphisms of 9 STR Loci in Achang Ethnic Group in Yunnan Province
ZHU Bo-Feng;LAI Jiang-Hua;ZHENG Hai-Bo;LI Sheng-Bin;YAN Jiang-Wei
 pp.981-984      Abstract   |   PDF 110KB
Linkage Analysis and Mutation Detection of GRIA3 in Smith-Fineman-Myers Syndrome
LIU Qi-Ji;GONG Yao-Qin;CHEN Bing-Xi;GUO Chen-Hong;LI Jiang-Xia;GUO Yi-Shou
 pp.985-990      Abstract   |   PDF 179KB
The Study of P68 RNA Helicase on Cell Transformaion
WEI Yi;HU Mei-Hao
 pp.991-996      Abstract   |   PDF 157KB
 pp.997-1001      Abstract   |   PDF 161KB
Development of Donor Cells in Chincken-Duck Chimeric Embryos
MA Yu-Zhong;LI Zan-Dong;SHA Jin;LIU Chun-Hai;WANG Ning
 pp.1002-1005      Abstract   |   PDF 203KB
Genetic Analysis of Gelatinization Temperature in Rice via Microsatellite(SSR)Markers
YAN Chang-Jie;XU Chen-Wu;YI Chuan-Deng;LIANG Guo-Hua;ZHU Li-Huang;GU Ming-Hong
 pp.1006-1011      Abstract   |   PDF 175KB
Studies of the Integration and Expression of Exogenes in Transgenic Rice Obtained via Particle Bombardment Transformation
HUA Zhi-Hua;ZHU Xue-Feng;LIN Hong-Sheng;GAO Zhen-Yu;QIAN Qian;YAN Mei-Xian;HUANG Da-Nian
 pp.1012-1018      Abstract   |   PDF 222KB
Analysis of Heading Time Genotype for a Rice Male Sterile Line Zhenshan 97A
LUO Lin-Guang;ZHAI Hu-Qu;WAN Jian-Min
 pp.1019-1027      Abstract   |   PDF 211KB
Molecular Markers Linked to Dwarf Gene Rht3 in Wheat
WAN Ping;ZHOU Qing-Wen;MA Zheng-Qiang;CHEN Pei-Du;LIU Da-Jun
 pp.1028-1033      Abstract   |   PDF 187KB
Molecular Tagging of a Major Powdery Mildew Resistance Gene MlG in Wheat Derived from Wild Emmer by Using Microsatellite Marker
XIE Chao-Jie;NI Zhong-Fu;SUN Qi-Xin;YANG Zuo-Min;LIU Bao-Shen;WEI Yan-Ling
 pp.1034-1039      Abstract   |   PDF 176KB
Genetic Diversity Detected by DNA Markers and Phenotypes in Upland Cotton
WU Yao-Ting;ZHANG Tian-Zhen;YIN Jian-Mei
 pp.1040-1050      Abstract   |   PDF 240KB
Construction and Analysis of a Genetic Linkage Map of Soybean
WU Xiao-Lei;HE Chao-Ying;WANG Yong-Jun;ZHANG Zhi-Yong;DONGFANG Yang;ZHANG Jin-Song;CHEN Shou-Yi;GAI Jun-Yi
 pp.1051-1061      Abstract   |   PDF 415KB
Two Complementary Dominant Genes Controlling Apomixis in Genus Citrus and Poncirus
HONG Qi-Bin;XIANG Su-Qiong;CHEN Ke-Ling;CHEN Li-Geng
 pp.1062-1067      Abstract   |   PDF 153KB
Screening,Cloning and Sequence Ananlysis of the Gene for Pyruvate Kinase from Achlya bisexualis cDNA Library
WANG Guang-Ce;ZENG Cheng-Kui
 pp.1068-1076      Abstract   |   PDF 369KB
Bioinformatis Analysis of Autophagy 5 Gene Structure
CHEN Ying;PENG Xin-Zhao;PIAO Ying-Jie
 pp.1077-1084      Abstract   |   PDF 214KB
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