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Table of Content
2000 Vol.27 Issue9 ,      10 September 2000
Human DNA Polymorphism of HaeIII System in Chinese Oriental,Han Population
LI Sheng-Bin;HU Hai-Tao;REN Hui-Min;LI Zheng-Dao
 pp.753-761      Abstract   |   PDF 388KB
Construction,Expression and Activity Test of a Reshaping Single-chain Antibody Against Human CD3
JIANG Xin;YU Xiao-Cong;LIU Xi-Fu;ZHANG Wei-Guo;HUANG Hao-Min;LIN Qing;SUN Jian;CHEN Run-Sheng;Hua-Liang
 pp.762-771      Abstract   |   PDF 536KB
Study of Mapping QTLs for Milk Traits on the Germans Dairy Cattle
XU Ning-Ying;H Thomsen;N Reinsch;C Looft;E Kalm
 pp.772-776      Abstract   |   PDF 184KB
Estimates of Breeding Value of Inner Mongolia Cashmere Goats Using Animal Model BLUP Method
LI Yu-Rong;LI Jin-Quan;GAO Dian-Ping;ZHANG Li-Ling;ZHOU Huan-Min;AN Yu-Jun Wulanbatter;WANG Bin;ZHANG Yong-Bin
 pp.777-786      Abstract   |   PDF 345KB
Construction of the Physical Map of pi-2(t), a Blast Resistance Gene in Rice
FU Bin-Ying;YANG Dai-Chang;ZHU Ying-Guo;LI Zhi-Kang
 pp.787-791      Abstract   |   PDF 244KB
Genetic Effects of Mineral Elements of Fe.Zn,Mn and in Black Pericarp Rice Grains
ZHANG Ming-Wei;DU Ying-Qiong;PENG Zhong-Ming;HE Ci-Xin
 pp.792-799      Abstract   |   PDF 305KB
Genetic Analysis on Flowering and Boll Setting in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) III.Genetic Behavior at Differet Developing Stages
YE Zi-Hong;ZHU Jun
 pp.800-809      Abstract   |   PDF 748KB
Genetic Improvement of Cotton Varieries in Huang-Huai Region in China Since 1950’s III.Improvement on Agronomy Properties, Disease Resistance and Stability
JIANG Bao-Gong;KONG Fan-Ling;ZHANG Qun-Yuan;YANG FU-Xin;JIANG Ru-Qin
 pp.810-816      Abstract   |   PDF 266KB
 pp.817-823      Abstract   |   PDF 204KB
Analysis of Sequence and polymorphism of R S-tyoe CMS Maize
ZHANG Dong-Fang;ZHENG Yong-Lian
 pp.824-833      Abstract   |   PDF 575KB
The Relationship Between the Change of Mitochondria and the Fertility in CMS Line of Sorghum After Heat Shock
WANG Li;QI Xin-Hong;LIU Gen-Qi;ZHANG Yin-Mei;CHEN Jian-Nan
 pp.834-838      Abstract   |   PDF 374KB
The Characteristics of Bacillus thuringiensis Strain YBT833 and Its Transformants that Containing Different ICP Genes
LU Song-Qing;LIU Zi-Duo;YU Zi-Niu
 pp.839-844      Abstract   |   PDF 412KB
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