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Table of Content
2000 Vol.27 Issue8 ,      10 August 2000
Construction of Gene Targeting Vector for Duplicating p35Nck5a Gene and Its Application in the Gene Targeting of ES Cells
ZHOU Chang-Wen;FU Ji-Liang;XUE Hong
 pp.659-665      Abstract   |   PDF 404KB
grp75 Protects Cells from Injuries Caused by Glucose Deprivation
ZHENG Dong-Hang;ZUO Ji;YANG Zeng-Jie;XIA Bei-Li;ZHANG Xian-Ning
 pp.666-671      Abstract   |   PDF 278KB
Chemokine and Chemokine Receptor Gene Families-A Phylogenetic Study
ZHENG Xiang-Zhong;ZHANG Ya-Ping;HE Li-Ping;GENG Zhen-Cheng
 pp.672-685      Abstract   |   PDF 490KB
Polymorphism of Porcine Hormone Sensitive Lipase Gene and Sequencing the Partial DNA Fragments
WU Zhen-Fang;XIONG Yuan-Zhu;I Harbitz;DENG Chang-Yan;JIANG Si-Wen
 pp.686-690      Abstract   |   PDF 231KB
The Heterozygous Effect of X-ray or ENU-induced Null-mutant Ath Alleles on Alcohol Tlcohol Tolerance of Drosophila melanogaster
TONG Geng-Lei;LIN Zhi-Xin;Jiang James C
 pp.691-700      Abstract   |   PDF 412KB
Gene Analysis of Blast Resistance in an indica Variety Digu
TAN Xiang-Hong;CHEN Xue-Wei;LI Shi-Gui;LIU Shi-Gui;ZHU Li-Huang
 pp.701-705      Abstract   |   PDF 182KB
Quantitative Analysis for Inheritance of Quality Characters in indica Hybrid Rice
AO Yan;XU Chen-Wu;MO Hui-Dong
 pp.706-712      Abstract   |   PDF 340KB
The Chromosome-specific PCR Marker’s Screening and Identivation of Barley 6H Chromosome
HUANG Zhao-Feng;ZHANG Wen-Jun;YU Bo-Lan;ZHOU Wen-Juan;LI Ming;LI An-Sheng
 pp.713-718      Abstract   |   PDF 309KB
physical Mapping of the Genes px and cld Coding Peroxidase and Cold-regulated Protein in Maize (Zea mays L.)
NING Shun-Bin;WANG Ling;SONG Yun-Chun
 pp.719-724      Abstract   |   PDF 509KB
Comparison of Genetic Diversity among Maize Inbred Liness Based on RFLPs,SSRs AFLPs and RAPDs
YUAN Li-Xing;FU Jun-Hua;Warburton M;LI Xin-Hai;ZHANG Shi-Huang;Khairallah M LIU Xin-Zhi;PENG Ze-Bin;LI Lian-Cheng
 pp.725-733      Abstract   |   PDF 532KB
Genetic Characterization of subcbnI Genes of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
G Mijit;E Rahman;K V Nikulina;Z Boladhan;A S Chunaev;W Rudiger
 pp.734-741      Abstract   |   PDF 399KB
Imporvement of Nitrogen Fixation Efficiency and Plasmid Stability in Bradyrhizobium japonicum by the Introduction of dctABD and parCBA/DE Genes
LI You-Guo;LI Jie;LIU Mo-Qing;ZHOU Jun-Chu
 pp.742-750      Abstract   |   PDF 472KB
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