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Table of Content
2000 Vol.27 Issue7 ,      10 July 2000
Population Genetics of Chinese Surnames II.Inheritance Stability of Surnames and Regional Consanguinity of Population
YUAN Yi-Da;ZHANG Cheng;YANG Huan-Ming
 pp.565-572      Abstract   |   PDF 329KB
A Study of Transgenic IFV Cattle Integarted with Human Serum Albumin Gene
HUANG Shu-Zhen;HUANG Ying;CHEN Mei-Jue;CHEN Wei;HUANG Zan;LI Hua;LI Jing-Chun;REN Zhao-Rui;ZENG Yi-Tao
 pp.573-579      Abstract   |   PDF 298KB
Prediction and Evaluation of Heterosis of Beef Cattle and Their Application
SUN Shao-Hua;SANG Run-Zi;SHI Shou-Kun;JIA Qing;LI Yun-Qi;LI Xue-Mei;TIAN Shu-Jun;GAO Ju-Shan;YAN Guo-Zhi;DING Yu-Chen;HUANG Ya-Xin
 pp.580-589      Abstract   |   PDF 420KB
The Effect of Marker Density on QTL Mapping in a Grandduaughter Design
 pp.590-598      Abstract   |   PDF 414KB
QTLs and Epistasus Underlying Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Panicle Length in Differnet Genetic Background and Environments
LIAO Chun-Yan;WU Ping;YI Ke-Ke;HU Bin;NI Jun-Jian
 pp.599-607      Abstract   |   PDF 398KB
Tissue Culture Induced Translocation Conferring Powdery Mildew Resistance Between Wheat and Dasypyrum villosum and Its Marker-assisted Selection
LI Hong-Jie;LI Yi-Wen;ZHANG Yan-Min;LI Hui-GUO Bei-Hai;Wang Zi-Ning;WEN Zhi-Yu;LIU Zhi-Yong;ZHU Zhi-Qing;JIA Xu
 pp.608-613      Abstract   |   PDF 333KB
Molecular Cytogenetic Characterization of a New Wheat Line YW443 with Resustance to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus
ZHANG Zeng-Yan;XIN Zhi-Yong;CHEN Xiao;QIAN You-Ting;LIN Zhi-Shan;XU Hui-Jun;MA You-Zhi
 pp.614-620      Abstract   |   PDF 872KB
Molecular Proof of Wheat Transformed by Total DNA of Leymus racemosus
MIAO Jun;ZHAO Min-An;LI Wei-Qi
 pp.621-627      Abstract   |   PDF 406KB
Soybean Germplasm Diversity and Genetic Variance Detected by Microsatellite Markers
LIU Feng;DONG Fang-Yang;Zou Ji-Jun;CHEN Shou-Yi;ZHUANG Bing-Chang
 pp.628-633      Abstract   |   PDF 333KB
Identification of Mixed Major Genes and Polygenes Inheritance Model of Quantitative Traits by Using DH or RIL Population
ZHANG Yuan-Ming;GAI-Jun-Yi
 pp.634-640      Abstract   |   PDF 339KB
IsoIation and Characterization of PAOXZ Mutant in Pichia pastoris
DAI Xiu-Yu;WANG Yun-Xun;ZHOU Jian;WANG Yi-Qin
 pp.641-646      Abstract   |   PDF 431KB
Construction of B. thuringiensis Shuttle Vector and Expression of the cry1C Gene
HE Xiang;LIU Kun;LI Dong-Ying;GENG Yun-Qi;CHEN Qi-Min
 pp.647-653      Abstract   |   PDF 342KB
Translation Initiation Function of the Regulation Element in the Operon of Cholera Toxin A
CAO Cheng;LI Ping. LI Jie-Zhi;SHI Cheng-Hua;MA Qing-Jun
 pp.654-657      Abstract   |   PDF 224KB
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