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Table of Content
2000 Vol.27 Issue6 ,      10 June 2000
Population Genetics of Chinese Surnames I. Surname Frequency Distribution and Genetic Diversity in Chinese
YUAN Yi-Da;ZHANG Cheng;MA Qiu-Yun;YANG Huan-Ming
 pp.471-476      Abstract   |   PDF 212KB
Genescan for STR Analysis and Genetic Distribution in a Population Sample from Han China
LI Sheng-Bin;Feng Ji-Dong;LI Shuang-Ding;YU Jia-Lin;YANG Huan-Ming
 pp.477-484      Abstract   |   PDF 270KB
Research on Constructing Phylogenetics Trees of Ruminants Basing on the Database of Milk Protein Gene Sequences
FAN Bao-Liang;LI Ning;WU Chang-Xin
 pp.485-497      Abstract   |   PDF 459KB
Studies of the Genetic Polymorphism of Schistosoma japonicum (Chinese Mainland Strains)
YU Xiao-Cong;WU Guan-Ling;ZHANG Yao-Juan;WU Yi-Qin;ZHU Chang-Liang;ZHANG Zi-Hao;CHEN Bing-Ying
 pp.498-505      Abstract   |   PDF 299KB
Studies of Development of Disomic Addition Lines of Triticum aestivum-Haynaldia villosa via AABBDDDD Octaploid
 pp.506-510      Abstract   |   PDF 191KB
High Efficient Intergeneric Chromosomal Translcations Between Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and Dasypyrum villosum arising from Tissue Culture and Irradiation
LI Hong-Jie;GUO Bei-Hai;LI Yi-Wen;DU Li-Qun;LI Yin-Xin;JIA Xu;ZHU Zhi-Qing
 pp.511-519      Abstract   |   PDF 399KB
The Genetic Behavior of an Agropyron intermedium Chromosome Conferring BYDV Resistance in Wheat Background
TANGG Shun-Xue;LIANG Hui;LI Yi-Wen;JIA Shuang-E;LI Zhen-Sheng;JIA Xu
 pp.520-526      Abstract   |   PDF 286KB
Allen Chromosomal Identiffication in VE161 Wheat
YANG Tian-Zhang;MA Xue-Feng;ZHANG Wen-Jun;YANG Chun-Lei;HOU Wen-Sheng;BIE Rong-Li
 pp.527-531      Abstract   |   PDF 181KB
Transmission and Genetic Effect of Ting Chromosome in Cross Progenies from Octoploid Tritileymus with 4D Nullisomic
FU Jie;ZHAO Ji-Xin;YANG Qun-Hui;CHEN Shu-Yang
 pp.532-537      Abstract   |   PDF 214KB
Genetic Diversity and Differentiation of Cultivated F agoyrum totaricum Population from Three Counties in South Liangshan Automomous Prefecture of yi Nationality ,Sichuan,China
ZHAO Zuo-Cheng;ZHOU Ming-De;LUO Ding-Ze;HOU Xin;WANG Zhong -Reng;SHEN guo-Kun;LI Fa-Liang;CAO Ji-Xiang
 pp.538-548      Abstract   |   PDF 398KB
A New Model of Translational Control of Gene Expression in Polycistron of AB5 Entrerotoxin
CAO Cheng;LI Ping;WANG Peng;LI Jie-Zhi;SHI Cheng-Hua;MA Qing-Jun
 pp.549-555      Abstract   |   PDF 257KB
FruA a Transcription Factor in Myxocous xamthus Regulates Transcription of Target Genes in Collaboration with the Associated Protein FruB
MAO Xiao-Hua;DING-Lei;WANG Dao-Yong
 pp.556-562      Abstract   |   PDF 414KB
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