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Table of Content
2000 Vol.27 Issue5 ,      10 May 2000
The Chromosome Mapping of PdSox8 and PdSox9 in Two Kinds of Loaches
CHANG Zhong-Jie;ZHOU Rong-Jia;YU Qi-Xing
 pp.377-382      Abstract   |   PDF 808KB
Genetic Diversity of mtDNA of Domestic Camels (C.bactrianus) in China
QUAN Jie-Xia;ZHANG Ya-Ping;HAN Jian-Lin;MEN Zheng-Ming
 pp.383-390      Abstract   |   PDF 386KB
Evolution of Distribution Patterns of cis-Acting Elements in 5’ Regulative Regions of Vertebrate Actin
 pp.391-399      Abstract   |   PDF 426KB
Integration of the Genetic Map and the Physical Map of the Subterminal Region on the Longer Arm of Rice Chromosome 6
WNAG Wen-Ming;ZHAI Wen-Xue;CHEN Chun-Xian;ZHENG Xian-Wu;YANG Chang-Jie;LI Xiao-Bing;ZHU Li -Huang
 pp.400-408      Abstract   |   PDF 387KB
RFLP Analysis on Wide Compatibility Genes in Rice Variety Dular of Ecotype Aua
YANG Chang-Jie;LIANG Guo-Hua;ZHU Li-Huang;GU Ming-Hong
 pp.409-417      Abstract   |   PDF 488KB
IsoIation and Cytological Identification of a Desynaptic Variant in Rice
YU Heng-Xiu;CHENG Zhu-Kuan;GONG Zhi-Yun;GU Ming-Hong
 pp.418-422      Abstract   |   PDF 1582KB
A Preliminary Analysis on a Group of Low Molecular Weight RNases in Wheat and Related Species
ZHAO Hui;LIU Kun-Fan;WNAG Dao-Wen
 pp.423-427      Abstract   |   PDF 975KB
Cloning of E. coli mtl-D Gene and Its Expression in Transgenic Balizhuangyang (Populus)
LIU Feng-Hua;SUN Zhong-Xu;CUI De-Cai;DU Bao-Xing;WANG Chun-Rong;CHEN Shou-Yi
 pp.428-433      Abstract   |   PDF 260KB
A Study on the Inheritance of Dried Tofu Output of Soybean
GAI Jun-Yi;QIAN Hu-Jun;JI Dong-Feng;WANG Ming-Jun
 pp.434-439      Abstract   |   PDF 262KB
A Preliminary Approach to the Theory of Geographical Gene Genealogy for Plant Genomes with Three Different Modes of Inheritance and Its Application
HU Xin-Sheng
 pp.440-448      Abstract   |   PDF 408KB
Glucose Isomerase Gene Knock-out by Denatured Double-stranded DNA
LIAO Jun;XU Chong;YANG Yong-Hui;LI Hui;CHENG Yang;CHEN Cheng-Lu;ZHU Guo-Ping;NIU Li-Wen;WANG Yu-Zhen
 pp.449-454      Abstract   |   PDF 251KB
The Function of T7 Promoter as cis-Acting Elements for Polymerase II in Eukaryotic Cell
LI Yue-Qin;ZHU Jia-Ming;LI Hong-Jian;XIE Wei-Bing;ZHOU Tian-Hong;WANG Tong-Ge
 pp.455-461      Abstract   |   PDF 342KB
Regulation of Purine Biosynthetic Genes Expression in Salmonella typhimurium
LONG Hai-Xia;MA Wei-Jun;QIN Jun-Chuan;WANG Ao-Quan
 pp.462-467      Abstract   |   PDF 216KB
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