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Table of Content
2000 Vol.27 Issue3 ,      10 March 2000
Studies of the Association of Pathological Myopia in Chinese Patients with HLA Alleles
LI Xia;JI Bi-Xia;ZHU Ding-Liang;GENG Zhen-Cheng;CHU Ren-Yuan
 pp.189-194      Abstract   |   PDF 272KB
The Expression of Arrhythmic Related Genes on Xenopus Oocytes for Evaluation of Class Ⅲ Antiarrhythmic Drugs from Ocean Active Material
XU Dong-Hui;XU Shi-Bo
 pp.195-201      Abstract   |   PDF 323KB
Analysis of Inhancer Element of Mouse Nodal Gene in Its 5’ Flanking Sequence
HU Xin-Li;ZHOU Xun-Lei;WU He-Ling
 pp.202-209      Abstract   |   PDF 352KB
Phylogenetic Study of Artemia from China Using RAPD and AFLP Markers
SUN Yi;SONG Wen-Qin;ZHONG Yi-Cheng;ZHANG Run-Sheng;CHEN Rui-Yang
 pp.210-218      Abstract   |   PDF 367KB
Phyogentic Relationships and Evolution of Yeast-like Symbionts of the Small Brown Planthoppers Based on Partial 18S rDNA Sequences
YAN Jian;DENG Ke-Jing;CAO Qing-yu;SHAO Hong-Guang;SHEN Da-Lou
 pp.219-226      Abstract   |   PDF 354KB
A Study of the Genetic Diversity of Common Wild Rice (O. rufipogon Griff) and Cultivated Rice (O. sativa L.) by RFLP Analysis
SUN Chuan-Qing;WANG Xiang-Kun;Atsushi YOSHIMURA;Nobuo IWATA
 pp.227-234      Abstract   |   PDF 437KB
Genetic Studies of Blast Resistance of indica Variety Zhefu 802
WANG Jiu-Lin;LEI Cai-Lin;JIANG Wan-Ru;LING Zhong-Zhuan
 pp.235-239      Abstract   |   PDF 242KB
Background Analysis of Chromosome Controling Genetic of Water Use Efficiency of Triticum
ZHANG Zheng-Bin;SHAN Lun;XU Qi
 pp.240-246      Abstract   |   PDF 300KB
An ADAA Model and Its Analysis Method for Agronomic Traits Based on the Double-cross Mating Design
XU Zi-Cheng;ZHU Jun
 pp.247-256      Abstract   |   PDF 473KB
Studies of the Mixoploid Variation in Banana Micropropagated Plants
WANG Zheng-Xun;LIU Hong-Xian;ZHOU Bo-Chun
 pp.257-269      Abstract   |   PDF 590KB
Expression of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Crystal Toxin Gene in the Chloroplast of Tobacco
ZHANG Zhong-Lin;REN Yan-Guo;SHEN Yan-Xin;SHAN Song;FAN Guo-Chang;WU Xiang-Fu;QIAN Kai-Xian;SHEN Gui-Fang
 pp.270-277      Abstract   |   PDF 422KB
Bacterial Genetic Diversity in Solis and Their Correlation with Vegetation
YANG Guan-Pin;NAN Lan-JIA Hai-Bo;ZHU Yan-Hong;LIU Jie-Jie;ZHANG Kai
 pp.278-282      Abstract   |   PDF 255KB
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