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Table of Content
2000 Vol.27 Issue2 ,      10 February 2000
Assessment if Malaria DNa Vaccines in Mice and Monkeys
ZHONG Hui;CAO Cheng;LI Ping;LI Jie-Zhi;MA Qing-Jun
 pp.95-100      Abstract   |   PDF 272KB
Analysis of a Suppressor Element of Mouse Nodal Gene in Its 5’ Flanking Sequences
HU Xin-Li;ZHOU Xun-Lei
 pp.101-107      Abstract   |   PDF 286KB
The Expression Patterns of Genes in Different Biotypes by Genome Addition
WU Yu-Ping;YE Yu-Zhen;WU Qing-Jiang
 pp.108-113      Abstract   |   PDF 304KB
The Effect of B Chromosome on the Reproduction of Drosophila albomicans
HE Li-Ping;LING Fa-Yao;ZHENG Xiang-Zhong;WANG Wen;KUANG Rong-Ping
 pp.114-120      Abstract   |   PDF 361KB
The Conservative Region Sequence Analysis of PdSox9 in Paramisgurnus dabryanus
CHANG Zhong-Jie;ZHOU Rong-Jia;Yu Qi-Xing
 pp.121-126      Abstract   |   PDF 289KB
Construction of Silkworm RAPD Molecular Linkage Map
LI Bin;LU Cheng;ZHOU Ze-Yang;XIANG Zhong-Huai
 pp.127-132      Abstract   |   PDF 272KB
Molecular Tagging of A New Recessive Gene for Late Heading in a Rice Cultivar 8987
LI Shi-Gui;Ma Yu-Qing;Wang Wen-Ming;Liu Guo-Qing;Zhou Kai-Da;Zhu Li-Huang
 pp.133-138      Abstract   |   PDF 252KB
Screening and Study of RAPD Markers Tightly Linked to Wheat Powdery Mildew Resistance Gene Pm2
LIU Jin-Yuan;TAO Wen-Jing;LIU Da-Jun;CHEN Pei-Du
 pp.139-145      Abstract   |   PDF 310KB
Inheritance of Resistance of Heterodera glycines Race 14 in Huibuzhi Black Bean
WANG Yan-Tong;PENG De-Liang;CHEN Shou-Yi
 pp.146-150      Abstract   |   PDF 234KB
Studies of Molecular Marker-assisted-selection for Resistance to Fusarium Wilt in Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) Breeding
XU Yong;ZHANG Hai-Ying;KANG Guo-Bin;WANG Yong-Jian;CHEN Hang
 pp.151-157      Abstract   |   PDF 379KB
Cloning and Expression of Trehalose Synthase Genes in Escherchia coli
DAI Xiu-Yu;WU Da-Peng;ZHOU Jian
 pp.158-164      Abstract   |   PDF 335KB
α-acetolactate Decarboxlase from B. licheniformis AS10106: Cloning and Expression Gene in E. coli and S. cerevisiae
QIN Yu-Jing;GAO Dong;WANG Zu-Nong
 pp.165-169      Abstract   |   PDF 240KB
Studies of Gene Regulation of de novo Biosynthetic Pathway of Purine in Salmonella typhimurium X . Isolation of purR(am) Mutants and Preliminary Studies of Amino Acid Substitution
ZHANG He-Sheng;WANG Ao-Quan
 pp.170-175      Abstract   |   PDF 283KB
Site-directed Mutagenesis of Melittin Gene and Its Expression in Escherichia coli
WANG Guan-Lin;LI Da-Li;FANG Hong-Jun
 pp.176-182      Abstract   |   PDF 315KB
Expression and Roles of Hemoglobin Gene in Bacillus subtilis
ZHANG Yin-Hai;LI Xin-Zhi;HUANG Fan;DANG Ben-Yuan;FAN Shu-Tian;TANG Mao-Hong
 pp.183-188      Abstract   |   PDF 273KB
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