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Table of Content
2000 Vol.27 Issue12 ,      10 December 2000
STR Polymorphisms in Five Chinese Ethnic Groups(2)
LI Sheng-Bin;LAI Jiang-Hua;GAO Shu-Hui;ZHENG Hai-Bo;FENG Ji-Dong;ZHAO Jian-Min;LI Shuang-Ding;FENG Cheng-Bo;JIN Tian-Bo;WANG Jian;YANG Huan-Ming
 pp.1035-1041      Abstract   |   PDF 243KB
Detection of Differentially Expressed Genes in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using DNA Microarray
LI Yao;QIU Min-Yan;WU Chao-Qun;CAO Yue-Qiong;TANG Rong;CHEN Qin;SHI Xue-Yin;HU Zhi-Qian;XIE Yi;MAO Yu-Ming
 pp.1042-1048      Abstract   |   PDF 349KB
Affect of Hererity, Disease and Environment on the Life-span of Personage in History Book of Song Dynasty
 pp.1049-1056      Abstract   |   PDF 402KB
Studies of the Origin of Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor(MRT)-Experimental Researches on the MRT Evolving in Nude Mice Inoculated with Violently Variable HeLa Cells
ZHANG De-Li;HUANG Gao-Sheng;LI Liu-Jin;HE Xu-Yu;XIA Geng-Tian;GAO Bu-Xian;BAI Xiao-Hong;LIU Shang-Gao
 pp.1057-1071      Abstract   |   PDF 746KB
Identification of RAPD Markers Tightly Linked to Wheat Powdery Mildew Resistnce Gene Pm6
WANG Xin-Yu;QI Zeng-Jun;MA Zheng-Qiang;CHEN Pei-Du;LIU Da-Jun
 pp.1072-1079      Abstract   |   PDF 360KB
Identification of the Barley Chromosome in Wheat by GISH and RFLP
YHAN Ya-Ping;CHEN Xiao;XIAO Shi-He;XIN Zhi-Yong;ZHANG Zeng-Yan;LIN Zhi-Shan;MA You-Zhi;HU Han-Qiao
 pp.1080-1083      Abstract   |   PDF 209KB
Genetic Diveristy of Fagoyrum tataricum Cultivated in North Liangshan Preferture of Yi Nationality, Sichuan,China
ZHAO Zuo-Cheng;ZHOU Ming-De;LUO Ding-Ze;HOU Xin;WANG Zhong-Ren;SHEN Guo-Kun;LI Fa-Liang;CAO Ji-Xiang
 pp.1084-1093      Abstract   |   PDF 432KB
Analysis of Isozyme and RAPD for the Germplasm Lines from G. hirsutum ×G. bickii
LIU Gen-Qi;JIAO Chuan-Zhen;JIANG Ru-Qin;ZHAO Shi-Min;XU Jin-Xiang;ZHANG Xin-Xue;LIANG Zheng-Lan
 pp.1094-1099      Abstract   |   PDF 290KB
Studies of the Active Site,Thermostability and Thernophilicity of the Thermostable Alkaline Phosphatase by Site-directed Mutagenesis
JI Chao-Neng;ZHANG Bing;JIANG Tao;SHENG Xiao-Yu;MAO Yu-Min
 pp.1100-1107      Abstract   |   PDF 380KB
Differentiation Genes are Involved in Homologous Recombunation in Streptomyces coelicolor
 pp.1108-1113      Abstract   |   PDF 255KB
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