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Table of Content
2000 Vol.27 Issue10 ,      10 October 2000
Different Evolution Rule of SRV Gene Between Hominoid and Old World Monkey
WANG Xiao-Xia;LU Xue-Mei;ZHANG Ya-Ping
 pp.847-852      Abstract   |   PDF 359KB
The Genetic Effect of Estrogen Receptor(ESR) on Litter Size Traits in pig
CHEN Ke-Fei;HUANG Lu-Sheng;LI Ning;ZHANG Qin;LUO Ming;WU Chang-Xin
 pp.853-857      Abstract   |   PDF 232KB
Identification of QTL Affecting Important Ttaits on Porcine Chromsome 12
YUE Gen-Hua;H Bartenschlager;G Moser;H Geldermann
 pp.858-865      Abstract   |   PDF 433KB
Observation on Sex-linkage Inheritance of Skin Color in Some Local Breeds of Chicken
ZHANF Xue-Yu;HUANG Fan-Mei;ZHAO Dong-Wei;BU Zhu
 pp.866-869      Abstract   |   PDF 174KB
Developmental Genetic Analysis of Brown Rice Thickness of Indica Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
FAN Long-Jiang;SHI Chun-Hai;Wu Jian-Guo;ZHU Jun;WU Ping
 pp.870-877      Abstract   |   PDF 492KB
Characterization of a Wheat-Apropyron intermedium Translocation Line by Sequential GISH and FISH
LIU Dao-Feng;WANG Xian-Ping;JING Jian-Kang;ZHANG Xiang-Qi
 pp.878-882      Abstract   |   PDF 319KB
Segregation Distortion of Molecular Markers in Recombinant Inbred Populations in Soybean (G.max)
LIU Feng;WU Xiao-Lei;CHEN Shou-Yi
 pp.883-887      Abstract   |   PDF 260KB
Meiosis-like Reduction in the Culture System for Someatic Embryogenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana
CHEN Yi-Hua;ZHANG Li-Hua;GENG Yu-Xuan;CHEN Zheng-Hua
 pp.888-895      Abstract   |   PDF 483KB
ScⅡ-like Protein is Localized in the Niclei, Chromosomes and Chromosome Scaffolds of Allium cepa
 pp.896-901      Abstract   |   PDF 584KB
Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Fruit Traits in Watermelon [Citullus lanantus (Thanb) Mansf] and Analysis of Their Genetic Effects
FAN Min;XU Yong;ZHANG Hai-Ying;REN Hua-Zhong;KANG Guo-Bin;Wang Yong-Jian;CHEN Hang
 pp.902-910      Abstract   |   PDF 514KB
Properites and Nucleotide Sequence of Mitochondrial Plasmid-like DNA pCl of Cucumber
LI Jun-Ying;WEN Ying-Da;ZHANG Xiu-Ming;GAO Cai-Chang
 pp.911-917      Abstract   |   PDF 371KB
Constuction of Linkage Map and Mapping Resistance Gene of Scterotinia scterotiorum in Brassica napus
LIU Chun-Lin;GUAN Chun-Yun;LI Xun;RUAN Ying;LIAO Xiao-Lan;XIONG Xing-Hua;ZHOU Xiao-Yun;WANG Guo-Huai;CHEN She-Yuan
 pp.918-924      Abstract   |   PDF 374KB
Subcloning and Sequencing of DNA Fragment Related to Salt Tolerance in Sinorhizobium fredii RT19
BIAN Xue-Lin;GE Shi-Chao;YANG Su-Sheng
 pp.925-931      Abstract   |   PDF 469KB
Cloning of Plasmid pBMB2062 in Bacillus thuringiensis Strain YBT-1520 and Construction of Plasmid Vevtor with Genetic Stability
SUB Ming;WEI Fang;LIU Zi-Duo;YU Zi-Niu
 pp.932-938      Abstract   |   PDF 392KB
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