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Table of Content
2000 Vol.27 Issue1 ,      10 January 2000
Geographic Distribution Maps of Human Gene in China
XIAO Chun-jie;L L Cavalli-Sforza;E Minch;DU Ruo-pu
 pp.1-6      Abstract   |   PDF 267KB
Stable Inheritance of hpt Gene in Transgenic Rice Plants Mediated by Biolistic Bombardment
TANG Zuo-Shun;WANG Xiang-Kun;LI Liang-Cai;TIAN Wen-Zhong
 pp.26-33      Abstract   |   PDF 523KB
Major-Polygene Effect Analysis of Resistance to Bacterial Blight (Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae) in Rice
WANG Jian-She;WANG Juan-Kang;ZHU Li-Hong;GAI Jun-Yi
 pp.34-38      Abstract   |   PDF 225KB
Genetical Effect of Different Rye Chromosomes on the Acid Phosphatse (Acph) Secretion of Common Wheat Roots under Phosphorus Starvation Conditions
LIU Jian-Zhong;LI Yu-Jing;LI Bin;YAO Shu-Jiang;LI Ji-Yun;LI Zhen-Sheng
 pp.39-43      Abstract   |   PDF 223KB
Studies of the Development of Triticum aestivum-Leymus racemosus Translocation Lines by Pollen Irradiation
LIU Wen-Xuan;CHEN Pei-Du;LIU Da-Jun
 pp.44-49      Abstract   |   PDF 495KB
Isolation and Verification of Triticum aestivum-Eremopyrum orientale Addition Lines and Substitution Lines by GISH
ZHANG Gui-Fang;LIU Jian-Wen;HUANG Yuan-Zhang;DING Min;TANG Shun-Xue;JIA Xu
 pp.50-55      Abstract   |   PDF 393KB
Studies of Transgenic Tobacco Plants Expression β-1,3-Glucanase and Chitinase Genes and Their Potential for Fungal Resistance
LAN Hai-Yan;TIAN Ying-Chuan;WANG Chang-Hai;LIU Gui-Zhen;ZHANG Li-Hua;WANG Lan-Lan;CHEN Zheng-Hua
 pp.70-77      Abstract   |   PDF 415KB
Effects of Cytochalasin B upon Mitosis of Physarum polycephalum1)
SONG Zhao-Xia;XING Miao;ZENG Xian-Lu
 pp.83-89      Abstract   |   PDF 717KB
Molecular Phylogeny of Canidae Using Mitochondrial Cytochrome b DNA Sequences
CHEN Yong-Jiu;ZHANG Ya-Ping;ZOU Xi-Ming;DONG Feng-You;WANG Jin-Jun
 pp.7-11      Abstract   |   PDF 299KB
Effects on Organ-development of Mouse Embryo by Inhibiting NOR Activity
WANG Yong-Hong;YAN Yong-Shan
 pp.12-17      Abstract   |   PDF 217KB
A Study of ITS Sequence as a Molecular Marker in the Phylogeny of Drosophila nastua Subgroup
YU Hai-Jing;ZHANG Ya-ping;LIN Fei-Zhan;ZHU Ding-Liang;GENG Zhen-Cheng
 pp.18-25      Abstract   |   PDF 513KB
Study if Genetic Models of Maize Kernel Traits
ZHANG Hong-Wei;KONG Fan-Ling
 pp.56-64      Abstract   |   PDF 502KB
Estimation of Biolistic Transformation Effect by Transient Expression of C1-R Regulatory Genes of Anthocyanin Biosynthesis
SHAN Li-Bo;LI Yi-wen;ZHAO Tie-Han;LIANG Hui;OUYANG Jun-Wen;JIA Shuang-E;JIA Xu
 pp.65-69      Abstract   |   PDF 314KB
Radiosensitivity of Different Ploidy Pollen in Poplar and Its Application
KANG Xiang-Yang;ZHU Zhi-Ti;LIN Hui-Bin
 pp.78-82      Abstract   |   PDF 287KB
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