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Table of Content
1999 Vol.26 Issue6 ,      10 November 1999
Molecular Clonging of the Human Dimethyglycine Delydrogenase-like Gene(DMGDHL1) from the Sarcosinemia Critical Region at 9q34
XIA Jia-Hui;YU Kuang-Ping;LIU Chun-Yu;PAN Qian;ZHUENG Duo;DAI He-Ping
 pp.591-597      Abstract   |   PDF 681KB
Analysis of MS31A in Chinese Using MVR-PCR
CHEN Song;HUANG Xiu-Lin;HU Lan;K.Tamaki;Y.Katsumata
 pp.598-603      Abstract   |   PDF 482KB
The Relationship Among Human,Gorilla,Chimpanzee and Orangutan
DING Bo;ZHUANG Ya-Ping;Oliver A.Ryder
 pp.604-609      Abstract   |   PDF 571KB
Chromosomal Mapping of ld Gene Which Causes Congenital Limb Deformity Syndrome in KM-ld Mouse
ZHAO Xiao-Juan;MENG Yan;LIU Jin-Yi;SHEN Jie;LIU Liang;LIU Zhi-Hong;Cai You-Yu
 pp.610-615      Abstract   |   PDF 500KB
Haplotype Identification of Single Sperm in Pigs
ZHAO Shu-Hong;LI Kui;JI Fu-Yun;YU Mei;PENG Zhong-Zhen
 pp.616-620      Abstract   |   PDF 719KB
Studies of Beef Performance Traits in Piemontese×Nanyang Crossbred Using Microsatellites as Genetic Markers
CAO Hong-He;WANG Ya-Chun;CHEN You-Chun;Y.Zhang;L.Ferretti
 pp.621-626      Abstract   |   PDF 543KB
Characterization and Stage-specific Change of Proteins During the Embryonic Development of Silkworm Bombyx mori
ZHONG Bo-Xiong
 pp.627-633      Abstract   |   PDF 1057KB
Transformation of Wheat with Insecticide Gene of Arrowhead Proteinase Inhibitor by Pollen Tube Pathway and Analysis of Transgenic Plants
MU Hong-Mei;LIU Shu-Jun;ZHOU Wen-Juan;WEN Yu-Xiang;ZHANG Wen-Jun;WEI Rong-Xuan
 pp.634-642      Abstract   |   PDF 1127KB
Studies of Improving the Frequency of Wheat Transformation by Biolistic Bombardment
LIANG Hui;TANG Shun-Xue;ZHANG Chi;ZHAO Tie-Huan;LI Liang-Cai;OUYANG Jun-Wen;TIAN Wen-Zhong;WANG Dao-Wen;JIA Xu
 pp.643-648      Abstract   |   PDF 936KB
Identification of Molecular Markers Linked to the Pm6 Gene Conferring Powdery Mildew Resistance in Wheat
TAO Wen-Jing;LIU Jin-Yuan;LIU Da-Jun;CHEN Pei-Du
 pp.649-656      Abstract   |   PDF 810KB
Studies of the Genetic Characters of Four Isonucleus-alloplasmic Lines of Common Wheat
LIU Chun-Guang;WU Yu-Wen;HOU Ning;ZHANG Cui-Lan;ZHANG Yan
 pp.657-665      Abstract   |   PDF 1249KB
Detection of Alien Chromoatins Introgressed into Wheat in Mitotic Interphase
LI Hong-Jie;ZHU Zhi-Qing;DU Li-Qun;GUO Bei-Hai;SHI Yun-Su;TANG Shun-Xue;LI Yi-Wen;JIA Xu
 pp.666-672      Abstract   |   PDF 1070KB
Molecular Identification and Marker-assisted Selection of Pm21 Gene Conferring Resistance to Powdery Mildew in Wheat
LIU Zhi-Yong;SUN Qi-Xin;LI Hong-Jie;NI Zhong-Fu;YANG Zuo-Min;TANG Bo-Rang;YANG Ai-Dong;JIA Xu
 pp.673-682      Abstract   |   PDF 1199KB
Effects of A,D-genome Chromosomes on Photosynthetic Carbonassimilation in Common Wheat
ZHANG Rong-Xian;DAI Xin-Bin;XU Xiao-Ming;LU Wei;JIANG Ping
 pp.683-689      Abstract   |   PDF 581KB
Localization of Genes for Partial Resistance to Puccinia hordei at the Seedling Stage in Barley by Using FLP Markers
CHEN Wan-Quan;QI Xiao-Quan;R.E. Niks
 pp.690-694      Abstract   |   PDF 473KB
Gene Analysis of Chinese Barley Dwarf Germplasm Resources
 pp.695-702      Abstract   |   PDF 750KB
Chromosomal Location of the Genes Conferring the Tolerance to Phosphorus Deficiency Stress in Lophopyrum elongatum Genome
LI Yu-Jing;LIU Jian-Zhong;LI Bin;LI Ji-Yun;YAO Shu-Jiang;LI Zhen-Sheng
 pp.703-710      Abstract   |   PDF 829KB
Introduction of Rabbit Defensin NP-1 Gene into Poplar(P.tomentosa)by Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation
ZHAO Shi-Min;ZU Guo-Cheng;LIU Gen-Qi;HUANG Min-Ren;XU Jin-Xiang;SUN Yong-Ru
 pp.711-714      Abstract   |   PDF 860KB
Integration via Tn10 and Expression of Bti cryIVA Gene in the Chromosome DNA of Flourescnt Pseudomonas Bacterial Strains
 pp.715-720      Abstract   |   PDF 595KB
Over-expression of a Polyketide Synthase (PKS)Module of a Giant Polyene Antibiotic Gene Cluster in E.coli by Double Induction
TAO Mei-Feng;HU Zhi-Hao;ZHOU Xiu-Fen;ZHOU Qi;DENG Zi-Xin;Tobias KIESER David A HOPWOOD
 pp.721-730      Abstract   |   PDF 950KB
Study on Gene-dosage Effect of High Lvel Expression of the Yeast Glucoamylase Genes
LI Chun-Li;LI Tao-Sheng;ZHANG Ming;LI Jian-Zhong;CHEN Shi-Yi
 pp.731-737      Abstract   |   PDF 579KB
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