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Table of Content
1999 Vol.26 Issue4 ,      10 July 1999
Clonging of Human G-CSF Genomic Gene and Its Expression in Transgenic Mice Mammary Gland
LU Yi-Fan;TIAN Chai;DEng Ji-Xian;XIAO Cheng-Zu;MA Qing-Jun
 pp.281-287      Abstract   |   PDF 2236KB
Cloning and Secretory Expression of Soluble Interleukin-6 Receptor Gene in Streptomyces Lividans
WANG Xiao-Qin LI Yuan
 pp.288-294      Abstract   |   PDF 832KB
HLA-DQ Molecules Associated with Myasthenia Gravis in Chinese Patients
LI Xia;ZHANG Ke-Xiong;FAN Yu-Xin;CHEN Xiu-Zhen;ZUO Ji;PAN Xing-Hua;ZHU Ding-Liang;GENG Zheng-Cheng
 pp.295-300      Abstract   |   PDF 565KB
A Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Negatively Related EST on 7q32
JIANG Ning;DENG Long-Wen;TAN Guo-Lin;ZHAN Feng-Huang;ZHOU Ming CAO Li;QIU Yuan-Zheng;XIE Yi;LI Gui-Yuan
 pp.301-308      Abstract   |   PDF 1165KB
A Comparative Study of Banded Chromosomes of Giant Panda(Ailuropoda melanoleuca)and Black Bear (Selenarctos thibetanus)
WANG Ya-Jun;YANG Yu-Hua;WANG Xi-Zhong;CHEN Hong-Wei;HE Guang-Xin;FEI Li-Song;SONG Yun-Fang;YANG Yun;YU Gang
 pp.309-314      Abstract   |   PDF 836KB
A Research on the Genetic Differentiation of Immunogeneti and Biochemical Genetic Markers Loci Among 21 Wild,Domestic and Native Pig Breeds in Asia,Erope,America and Africa
HUANG Lu-Sheng;GAO Jun;LIN Shu-Mao;Безенко С.П.;Герасименко B.B.;LOU Ming;LI Yu-Gu;Казанцева Н.Г.;Φилатов А.И.;Сотникова О.А.
 pp.315-323      Abstract   |   PDF 778KB
Studies of the Correlations Between DNA Fingerprints and Meat Production Traits in Chickens
WANG Jin-Yu;GONG Yun-Chen;CHEN Guo-Hong;CHEN Kuan-Wei
 pp.324-328      Abstract   |   PDF 506KB
Binding and Interaction of Histones and Transcription Factors on the Promoter of hAMFR Gene
ZENG Qing-Hua;YIN Dong;SUN Ying-Chun;HUANG Bai-Qu;LU Yan-Cheng
 pp.329-335      Abstract   |   PDF 1132KB
Mitochondrial DNA Genetic Polymorphism of Drosophila Immigrans in China
ZHANG Wen-Xia;CHEN Ying;DAI Zhuo-Hua
 pp.336-344      Abstract   |   PDF 817KB
QTL Mapping of Horizontal Resistance to Bacterial Blight(Xanthomonas oryzae pv.Oryzae)in Rice
MEI Han-Wei;LUO Li-Jun;WANG Yi-Ping-YUAN Xiao-Ping;ZHAO Xin-Hua;ZHONG Dai-Bin;YU Xin-Qiao;WANG Dao-Long;YING Cun-Shan;A H Paterson;LI Zhi-Kang
 pp.345-349      Abstract   |   PDF 444KB
Microsatellites Polymorphism on the Waxy Gene Locus and Their Relationship to Amylose Content in indica and japonica Rice,Oryza sativa L.
SHU Qing-Yao;WU Dian-Xing;XIA Ying-Wu;GAO Ming-Wei;N M Ayres;P D Larkin;William D Park
 pp.350-358      Abstract   |   PDF 848KB
Identification of ADH Gene in Rice Under Fe2+ Induction
ZHANG Li-Ping;WU Ping;ZHU Jin-Ming;WU Yun-Rong
 pp.359-362      Abstract   |   PDF 375KB
Effect of Wheat Background on the Meiotic Behavior and Fertility of F1 Hybrid Between Common Wheat and 6x T.durum-D.villosum Amphiploid
FU Ti-Hua;REN Zheng-Long
 pp.363-369      Abstract   |   PDF 662KB
Introduction of Genes Resistant to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus from Roegneria ciliaris to Common Wheat
YANG Xin-Ming;LI Li-Hui;LI Xiu-Quan;DONG Yu-Chen
 pp.370-376      Abstract   |   PDF 1136KB
Cytogenetic Analysis on Regenerated Plant Offspring from Z6/Shan 7859 Immature Embryos Culture and Selection of Translocation Line
LIN Zhi-Shan;XIN Zhi-Yong;ZHUANG Zeng-Yan;MA You-Zhi;CHEN Xiao;XU Hui-Jun;DU Li-Pu;QIAN You-Ting
 pp.377-383      Abstract   |   PDF 2465KB
Genetic Stability and Transmission of Chromosome 6V from H. villosa Through Gametes in Wheat Background
MA Jian-Xin;ZHOU Rong-Hua;JIA Ji-Zeng;DONG Yu-Chen
 pp.384-390      Abstract   |   PDF 651KB
Creation and Characterization of M16-a Wheat/Rye Addition-Double Substitution Line Derived from Anther Culture
ZHANG Xiang-Qi;WANG Xian-Ping;JING Jian-Kang JI Jing;ZHANG Wen-Jun;MU Jin-Ye;HAN Shou;HU Han
 pp.391-396      Abstract   |   PDF 940KB
Maize Elite Inbred Line Transformed via Callus Bombardment
LI Hui-Fen;HE Si-Jie;WANG Xing-Zhi;LI Fen;LI Liang-Cai;HE Meng-Yuan;TIAN Wen-Zhong
 pp.397-402      Abstract   |   PDF 1101KB
The Interspecific Hybridization Between Gossypium sturtianum Willis and G.hirsutum L.and the Inheritance of Its Pigment Gland Traits
ZHU Shui-Jin;JI Dao-Fan;WANG Ruo-Hai;WANG Hong-Mei
 pp.403-409      Abstract   |   PDF 671KB
Studies of Morphological and Allozyme Variation of the Endangered Adenophora lobophylla and Its Widespread Congener A.potaninii.
GE Song;HONG De-Yuan
 pp.410-417      Abstract   |   PDF 704KB
Corelation Analysis of (G+C)% of Coding Sequence and Thermostability of Xylose Isomerase of Thermophiles
ZHU Wei;ZHENG Zuo-Hua;YUAN You-Zhong;ZHOU Zong-Xiang;MAO Yu-Min
 pp.418-427      Abstract   |   PDF 800KB
Cloning and Sequences Comparison of Promoters from Aspergillus niger
LUO Xin-Mei R.Schoenherr;CHEN Hong
 pp.428-436      Abstract   |   PDF 1005KB
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