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Table of Content
1999 Vol.26 Issue3 ,      10 May 1999
The Study of the Distribution of Chinese Surnames and the Diversity of Genetic Population Structure in the Song Dynasty
YUAN Yi-Da;JIN Feng;ZHANG Cheng;Naruya Saitou
 pp.187-197      Abstract   |   PDF 912KB
Molecular Mapping of the S-a Locus for F1 Pollen Sterility in Cultivated Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
ZHUANG Chu-Xiong;ZHANG Gui-Quan;MEI Man-Tong;LU Yong-Gen
 pp.213-218      Abstract   |   PDF 548KB
Fertile Transgenic indica Ric from Microprojectile Bombardment of Embryogenic Callus
XU Xin-Ping;WEI Jian-Wen;FAN Yun-Liu;LI Bao-Jian
 pp.219-227      Abstract   |   PDF 1747KB
Favorable Genes and Favorable Genic Interactions Enhancing F1 Fertility in indica/japonica Hybrids
LI Ren-Hua;XU Cai-Guo;LI Xiang-Hua;WANG Xiang-Kun
 pp.228-238      Abstract   |   PDF 2005KB
Transformation of Common Wheat(Triticum aestivum L.)with Herbicide-resistant EPSPs Gene
CHEN Liang-Hong;WANG Xin-Wang;ZHANG Wen-Jun;ZHANG Xiao-Dong;HU Dao-Fen;LIU Guang-Tian
 pp.239-243      Abstract   |   PDF 2019KB
Genetic Analysis of Leaf-parent-type Plants Regenerated from Somatic Hybridization in Citrus
SHI Yong-Zhong DENG Xiu-Xin
 pp.244-248      Abstract   |   PDF 1148KB
Scanning Electron Microscope Observation on Endosperm Starch Grain Characters in Multiplasmic Maize
LI Jiang-Ling;JIA Jing-Luan;LIU Min;ZHAO Shi-Min;LIU Ya-Nan;ZENG Meng-Qian;LI She-Rong
 pp.249-253      Abstract   |   PDF 1107KB
Studies of Transgene Segregation and Integration in Maize
WANG Shou-Cai;WANG Guo-Ying;DING Qun-Xing;ZHANG Hong;XIE You-Ju;DAI Jing-Rui
 pp.254-261      Abstract   |   PDF 906KB
Insect-resistant Transgenic Plants of Brassica napus and Analysis of Resistance in the Plants
LI Xue-Bao;ZHENG Shi-Xue;DONG Wu-Bei;CHEN Guang-Rong;MAO Hui-Zhu;BAI Yong-Yan
 pp.262-268      Abstract   |   PDF 2383KB
The Features of Isozyme Zymograms and Genetic Diversity in Undaria pinnatifida
WANG Ying;DAI Ji-Xun
 pp.269-273      Abstract   |   PDF 1015KB
Cloning and Expression of Tyrosinase Gene from Pseudomonas maltophilia in E.coli
WANG Ge-Lin;SHEN Ping;YANG Lan;PENG Zhen-Rong
 pp.274-279      Abstract   |   PDF 585KB
Genetic Polymorphis in Natural Populations of D.virilis
ZHENG Xiang-Zhong;HONG Wei;YU Hai-Jing;SHAO Hong-Guang;ZHU Ding-Liang GENG Zheng-Cheng
 pp.198-202      Abstract   |   PDF 273KB
The Phylogeny of 5 Chinese Peculiar Parnassius Butterflies Using Noninvasive Sampling mtDNA Sequences
CHEN Yong-Jiu;ZHANG Ya-Ping;SHEN Fa-Rong;ZHANG Yun-Wu;YANG Da-Rong;NIE Long;YANG Yue-Xiong
 pp.203-207      Abstract   |   PDF 300KB
Establishment of Two ES Cell Lines with Good Germline Contribution
HAN Rong;CHEN Wei-Sheng;TONG Ying;SHANG Ke-Gang;MENG Ling-Guo
 pp.208-212      Abstract   |   PDF 398KB
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